Sitting on People (PRANK GONE WRONG) – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks Gone Wrong – Pranks 2014

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Prank & Pranks gone wrong…Sitting on People (prank gone wrong) – Pranks 2014 – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks Gone Wrong ➨ If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you haven’t already! 😀

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Sitting on People Prank (GONE WRONG) – Pranks 2014 – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks Gone Wrong

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Emmanuel Martinez says:


Isaiah Simmons says:


maoribrotha53 says:

2:45 Hilarious reaction lol. “WHAT THE FUCK MA NIGGA?” 

corey lambing says:

Does this guy like getting punched in the face 

Tommy Wakefield says:

Does anyone else like watching them get hit after they go around
disrespecting people, then screaming its a prank so they stop getting hit?

TheOvalOYED says:

If someone sat on my lap id hug them and whisper in there ear… “I love
you” and do a creepy face ^-^

Marlon Lopez says:

I think these guys are trying to prove that blacks act like wild animal.
They are shaved apes. They can’t take a joke. White people and some Spanish
people and girls take it cool. But literally all black people in their
video act like animals just to fight. Fuck black people. I wish the kkk
were still around to hang these black mother fuckers. This world would be
more peaceful and better. If your black fuck you you ugly negro. Why did Dr
. Martin Luther King Jr give you guys freedom. You guys take advantage of
it. That’s why there was racism cause of blacks. Fuck blacks. I’m only
racist to blacks. No other cultures. I hate black people. KKK where you at?
Kill them all. Btw I’m Spanish. Not white.

Joseph Griffin says:

These aren’t pranks, this is just you going out and being annoying. 

OneUltimateWarrior says:

To be fair, I would’ve punched him too. And I’m white.

Leroy Sid says:


Daniel Ocampo says:

black people are always dying to get in a fight for anything.

Captain hazama says:

notice how violent the whites got

Kymaani Heketoa says:

This pure gay

adel fernandez says:

wow that guy at is scared of stangers sitting on there lap XD

SoFloComedy says:

Sitting on People Prank (GONE WRONG) – Pranks 2014 – Pranks in the Hood –
Pranks Gone Wrong

Vishnu Kaushal says:

Hey I’d live to do a vid gor you! 

Tipon2424 says:

I love your accent XD fucking love it. I wish everybody in the world had
that accent.

bloodthrone1 says:

2:45 LOL!

Njderig says:

I’d knock you out if you sat on my lap, you fucking geek. That is
disrespectful and doesn’t make it all better just bc you say “It’s a prank
yo”. I’m glad those black guys kicked your ass, bitch. I’m white btw. Learn
the difference between being an annoying little shit, and an actual prank. 

Dwight Shalders says:

lol so much whites hating, angry, bitching and crying in the comment
section hahaha 

WWE DUDE says:

Where can you get that jacket he’s wearing? at 1:41 The guy who’s sitting
on people.

Junius Rogers says:

If you walk up and sit on my lap I’m punching you in the jaw, end of story.
Y’all are letting people disrespect you because ” Oh it’s a prank ” Maybe
only blacks were aggressive because they were teenagers and from the way
they looked are from the hood where you keep your guard up. Fucking idiots

LeThAlMoBSteRSmeDz66 says:

Whats the song at the end called i can never find it

Waxy Escobar says:

Are one of you arabic ? Who spoke at the end ?ET?


your comments below are so funny, but sorry to say guys, more black people
are more violent even when its a joke, its a true statistic and thats just
because they were raised in the hood so there more prone to violence, they
dont think they just go with basic first instinct, yeah there are some
white washed blacks that dont do this and some smart ones but odds are they
will react like this 9 times out of 10, white people are just rude when it
comes to pranks but most the time they dont swing on someone for something

ILiftIron2Build says:

Notice the first black guy (2:43) gets very violent

Carlos Crisps says:

What people do just for getting likes…

OneandOnly Guy says:

Why can’t you guys just come here to watch and enjoy the video? Instead of
coming here and bitching about why a guy of a certain color is reacting in
a reasonable way? Ohh and just so you know a dude in the video who wasn’t
black also didn’t take the joke lightly either if you actually watched it.
Stop the fucking racist bullshit.

Emmett Brown says:

2:40 This and the next scene was the only aggresive reactions of them all.
And they were also the only black people who got pranked in the video. I
let that speak for itself…

hello world says:

LOL this takes balls xD

Alessandropopopo popo says:

Lets just put them back in the zoo already.

Dog says:

2:45 “Whaaaat daaa fuuuuuck maaaaah niiiiigggaaaaaaa….”

Gorboror says:

It’s always black people…

Ra Gray says:

Asian guy punches dude in the back of head, no one says a word. Black guy
punches him, he’s a savage. Yep that makes total fucking sense. You people
are fucking ridiculous. 


Fucking negro

Hyper Fuze says:

You can’t keep doing stupid stuff and saying “it’s a prank” just to get out
of it. it’s more annoying than a prank

Earl Hickey says:

retarded kids

Salim Love says:

Why are people bitchin about the two black dudes gettin mad when the asian
guy also hit him, but nobody wants to say anything about that huh?

Tony & T-Money says:

Ok dude no offense but you don’t do that crap to people because it’s rude
and it’s not a prank!!!!

Veronica Nicole says:

not all black people are like this. fyi.

Fiddy Middy says:

“Yo bro this is a prank bro Theres cameras everywhere bro” u cant be Ghetto
while looking Luke dat daym

tekkenmaster2 says:

*Pisses on dudes shoes* DUDE ITS A PRANK! WHY ARE YOU SO MAD?!

pretty boyy 3 says:

Y’all need to stop before u guys die

Macabre Mandy says:

This isn’t a prank… If you sat on a girl it would be considered sexual
harassment. All you’re doing is pissing people off. At least call it what
it is.. lol

I am Sudan says:

I bet they love getting beat by black guys.

HockeyFan7 says:

Lol they go up to the most “hood” looking black people and people wonder
why they punch him… If you see a well dressed black dude odds are they
won’t attack this guy.

-white guy

Vipin Rahul says:

these clowns are irritants…..hope they get their goose cooked!

Sobie JustSobie says:

Everyone, you also realize that they EDIT these videos before they put them
out on YouTube for the public eye, right? It’s not like they did this to
only a few people, they did it to plenty, and left in what they wanted to
leave in. I’m pretty sure they did this to a whole slew of other black
dudes who didn’t act violently and white dudes that did. 

Brief Rock says:

why cant a black guy a take a fucking joke? do you really have to knock the
fuck out of a guy just for a fucking joke? thats stupid as fuck learn
common sense dumb fucks this is why the KKK still exists… -_-

Noctis Kami says:

only black people go planet of the apes mad lol

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