Sleepy and tired animals – Funny and cute animal compilation

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It’s so funny and cute when animals become tired and sleepy. Just look how all these cats, dogs, bunnies, sloths and so on fight to not fall asleep 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Tiger Productions says:

Just cute tired animals :P

f.f. fon fon viravrun says:

ก้อ เก๊า ง่วง นี่…….Zzzzzzzz

aparna ram says:

Sleepy and tired animals – Funny and cute animal …:

Kooi Poh Low says:

Hate the music

Sergio Zanganelli says:

Vi auguro di addormentarvi come loro

Puky Power says:

So cute =3

Katie Klokwork says:

03:16-03:28 I wish that was me n my bae <3 there's no doubt he would pull
me closer like that <3333333333

Truc Smiler says:

3:19 so cute <3

MsRainbow Brite says:

Anyone else feeling a little tired?… I think I may go back to bed

HeNiO258 says:

1;08 tak wyglądam na następny dzień po dyskotece xd

Tmarie2u says:

Totally cute and totally UNFAIR!! 🙁 Besides the first puppy these animals
are catching 40 winks sitting up, in a person’s hand, the floor, the…..ok
I have no idea what’s going on with that sloth, and some pet beds. I have a
Sleep Number Bed. whatever thread count sheets Oprah recommended and
soothing beach wave sounds anddddd………….
Still Awake!! Watching animals sleep (and humming U2’s Still Haven’t Found
What I’m Looking For)

Free Soul says:

Ewww cuteness overload 

Javier Gonzales says:

the song fits perfectly with ;D

Marion Webbutterfly says:

So süüüß…
Sleepy and tired animals – Funny and cute animal …:

Erdélyi István says:
Lu Sia says:

Too cute! :’3


Vary Cute, I might go back to sleep

Susanne Johansson says:
Khôi Nguyên says:

1:14 Is that dog Betty and the one who put his hand on Betty is
Cinammontoast Ken ? 

Julian reus says:


Mycah Therese Deguilmo says:

I’m gonna die of too much cuteness or too much sleepiness! HAHA! THe song
makes me sleepy too! <3 love this video! ;D

Robert Williams says:

Thank you. I needed that. :-)

Anh Ran says:

somebody know what type of dog at 1:10 ????

Tuyet Vu says:

The last is the best <3

Marcus Björn Rydström says:

Conker’s Bad Fur Day :D

paola tartaglia says:
Werschaf says:

Thats so sweet:) I think I should make some videos about my sleeping dog

Bonkzorr .-. says:

The song reminds me of Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

JuMp Robs says:


MOHAN Kanagasabai says:

puppies were 10000000000000000000000% cuter

marika zatrok says:

Nagyon aranyos, imádom a cicákat. Nekem is van néha ráismerek a

Melk Marques says:
tre vor says:

love it, cute

RuanKaew2 says:

1:39 O.O*Cute*

leonor coni says:

Los quiero son hermosos los videos, imperdibles, gracias, no me canso de

jennii fosho says:

haahhaahha. this music is amazing. 

Hoàng Nguyễn says:


Javier Gonzales says:

3:20 awwww

Sumit Singh says:

1:44 The cat looks like Yoda! Haha! SO adorable!

Yugioh Legion says:

At 3:28 the mother cat with get kitten was so cute and touching

alondra Serrano says:

4.03 what is that

MsRainbow Brite says:

That thumb nail…. hook, line and sinker

Blanca Credelle says:


Rayquelle Ruggs says:

Sleepy and tired animals – Funny and cute animal …:

Fleur Sui says:

1:24 Que la vie est dure

Thanakarn Sa-ngiam says:

ดูความน่ารัก ของน้องหมา น้องแมว.

Meg Griffin says:

The last one was the best!! says:

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