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jack beanstalk says:


1. hold breath 5 mins

2. die

Option42B says:

i wanna share my story from last night…

i ask a girl what time it is…

she answer: i allready have a boyfriend

i try to explain i just want to know how long till the buss come

she start to scream that im a pervert that wont leave her alone

within 30seconds i had a guy rdy to kick my ass,… because i asked what
time it is,.. THATS a female 2014

Bananna Chic says:

I hate it how girls get mad when someone hits their ass and someone says
“why would I hit your ass?” And they say “cause your a dude” and they guy
says “I don’t want to hit your ass” and then she says “is there something
HIT YOUR ASS OR NOT. and don’t be saying “oh you’re just saying that cause
you’re a guy,” guess what, IM NOT A GUY AND I THINK THAT WHAT WE GIRLS DO

Vasja Pupkin says:

If the judicial system in this country won’t be so FUCKED UP I’d totally
say hell yeah I did it let’s go fuck…
But in reality, the bitch can call cops and your ass would be slapped by
some big black dude behind bars…

döner bude says:

Women are such hyprocrites. They walk around with skin-tight clothes and
cleavage and then get mad when men’s natural instincts kick in. Of course
men have to control their desires. But why would these women make that risk
and provoke a sexual assault by dressing up like a slut? 

BEN D. says:

Girl slaps a boy’s butt: totally fine with it
Boy slaps a girl’s butt: OMG UR GOING TO JAIL U FREAK

airlopez21 says:

Yeah I’ve gotten my ass slapped by a girl without consent. I’ve also seen
it happen several times to other guys. There was a group of girls who used
to go around doing it at my school. They never got in trouble for it. Not
that I wanted them to. I’ve also had girls I’ve never talked to come up to
me and start touching my hair, twice, both completely unrelated. Obviously
I don’t care but I HATE all of these double standards… On the other hand
I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen a guy do that to a girl without consent.

Frostbitten Fae says:

Dude what the FUCK?! This is sexual harassment and NOT funny at all! I know
about fifty girls (myself included) that if you DARED pull that, they would
knock out your teeth! This is offensive, not to mention rude, and if a girl
or anyone else struck back, I would NOT blame them. You have NO RIGHT to
touch ANYONE’S body like that WITHOUT permission. Fuck you.

Black Landon says:

“Is there something wrong with my ass?” Bruh, how ever you answer that
would get you into more shit xD

Johnny Brando says:

look her ass, i wanted to be this man ✊✊

SlashNetworksAqw says:

Lol, when that motorbike went past – it sounded like a fart

Maddy Rae says:

This is exactly like Sam Pepper’s life ruining prank.

rolandosaurus kr says:

fucking sick people of shit think that doing that to a girl is normal or
good fucking faggots you are all doomed you fucking scum your day will come

anna ciavarella says:

she should make porn movie, she is so hot!!! i’d lick her ass and her pussy
all day and night!!! That girl is so fine!!!

KingzThroneTV says:

Old nigga in the green shirt at 2:25 look like Gibs from NCIS

Kyle Delaney says:

Suppose a sharp guy realized it was a prank right away. Then when the girl
asks “did you just touch my ass?” he says “no, but now I did” and then
slaps her ass. How would she react?

María Aizcorbe says:

Reading the comments makes me wanna set the world on fire. Can’t believe so
much stupidity…

Eugene Donald-Mattews says:

I wanted to get a reddit shirt like that guy, but they don’t make them in
my size. We aren’t all thin sticks who spend 19 hours a day in the gym!

Angel Rios says:

that girl is precious

onlyREALmetalisGOOD says:

Wow… I’m not a feminist, but you are a COMPLETE FUCKWAD and you are
exactly what’s wrong with our society. So what if some girl wears skimpy
clothes, that doesn’t give you the right to *SEXUALLY ASSAULT* women. 

Rochelle Cadogan says:

“is something wrong with my ass” the second bitch needs a reality check.
She blames the guy literally yelling at him then starts to feel insecure.
These feminist got me fucked up.

Kaden | Graphics says:

1: Hold breath for 5min.
2: Pass-out and start breathing again.
3: You didn’t die, go on with life.

Ben Harrison says:

I’m a really cute black guy and am looking for a cute white girl to fuck

KaregoAt says:

I thought I would have to get angry, but this is definitely a better
version of a slap prank, this is how you do it well. The girl is in on it
and everything is okay.

ShortSquirrel says:

after she would acused me id follow her smack it and just apologise like id
grab her ass just to apologise

Brian Corvello says:

I think I realize why I never heard of this show before… I doubt it
lasted very long…

xProDubstep says:

The guy slapping her ass has the BEST job. 

David Turashvili says:

come on guys just Spank her ass let her enjoy

690169 says:

‘ Why Would I wanna touch your ass ” ?

“Cuz you’re dude ”

” Whats wrong with my ass ”

Women are so ridiculous. My god

Abe M says:

Dude, we used to spank girls like that back in our junior high days and tbh
girls would be flattered lol

Kaden Graham says:

Wherever you are is full of snitches 

PandaTitties says:

I wanna touch that ass :(

Tys Musical Mind says:

ahhhhhhh all the longboards its beautiful

Taryn Boudreau says:

It’s so hard to do it for 5 mins

SolitaireDemon says:


Love Superwoman says:

Wtf is this honestly I hate the world today 

TheNorwegianGuy says:

Is it just me or is that whatever girl, f*cking hot

lamBETTERthanY0U says:

i like slapping like 30-40 girls asses when youre at a basball game right
when it gets out, if youre with a group of people and u can just blend in
the crowd and grope hella bitches. its funnest doing it to like 16 yr old
sluts who are out with their parents LOL

Gianni S. - says:

Estaría muy bueno que pongan subtitulada una traducción en español! Thanks
you for see!

Bob Le says:

Prank or no prank, I would of spanked that ass anyway 

Critical Sttus says:

0:39 “Gotta go fast!”

John Robbins says:

i find it ironic, that all the people, reporting to a PRETTY, lady, who had
done it, but if it had been, a true violent crime, sorry officer, never saw

Kevin Reusch says:

this is actually sexual assault. definitely not a prank. while yolo swag is
popular right now, i hope people soon grow the fuck up and realize that
this isnt funny. 98% of the time this prank most likely is harmless. but
the other 2% of the time, that girl getting her ass slapped from behind
could be a victim of sexual abuse in the past, in which case a random dude,
who she does not know, and could very likely be someone trying to assault
her again. in this case, slapping her ass could be VERY upsetting and
really mess with her. there are certain lines that you just do not cross.

Syrine Benromdhane says:

I love how everybody is pointing lol

Kyle Woodside says:

Women have spanked or groped my ass a few times but I don’t try to make a
big deal out of it even I didn’t care for it…

HypoxiaHD says:

Yeah, guys can’t touch girls, but at least we get paid more for our jobs…

paisteuser06 says:

I understand this is for fun and pranks, but yoga pants girl has the
personality of a barbie doll. All she says is “Really?” “Seriously?” “Did
you just slap my ass?” Jesus…read a book and expand your vocabulary. Yes,
really. I’m seriously really serious. People these days don’t know how to
speak without sounding like they’re 13 years old anymore, including grown

Wulf says:

I’m surprised not one guy would just own it and ask her name or something.

April Ramos says:

She looks like the girl from american horror story. 

Deen Mckeen says:

Why the fuck do u fuckin retardes do pranks ur so weird, it’s not even
funny, playing jokes n pranks like children grow up, trying to make people
look like idiots you childess stupid morons. 

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