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Take a 2015 Mustang and a beautiful professional stunt driver. Then, ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to meet her on a blind date they’ll never see coming. Welcome to Mustang Speed Dating.

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JustinBlazzzee says:

this is fake the guys are all actors but still a decent concept and she is
hot as F 

Ford Motor Company says:

*Wishing you all a **#HappyValentinesDay** …*

Megan Rose says:

She looks bored AS FUCK, until she lets loose in that empty lot- the fire
in her eyes! <3

Ford Performance says:

Enjoy this prank video – brought to you by Ford Motor Company.

Cassidy Kay says:

Someone doing donuts in a parking lot… I’m so taken back, I’ve never seen
anything like this before!!! Seriously, why did this get so much attention?
It’s not even funny.

I Love Romantic Love says:

The BEST Speed Dating!! If you love fast cars … You will LOVE this!!

Art Workman says:

Enjoy this prank video – brought to you by Ford Motor Company.

Linda Namniece says:


Chaps' Unlimited says:

What’s the name of the background jazz music?

Svetik Eliseeva says:

That’s cool! Loved it 🙂 Who still thinks that blond girls can’t drive? lol

Jimmy Dali says:

A woman driver who is……BADASS!!

I Love Romantic Love says:

The BEST Speed Dating!! If you love fast cars … You will LOVE this!!

Jay Xan says:

Fords version of a prank: Hire a bunch of actors. Then lie to the public
about it being a prank.

Brian Wood says:

Now that’s my kind of “Speed Dating” !!!!!!

Todd Rich says:

If a woman ever does this on a first date, put a ring on her. 

Roberto Favila says:

Los chicos alardean.

Brigitta Carter says:

A whole new meaning to speed dating! Well done #fordmustang !

Wita Wanita says:

Do you like speed dating? It’s a quite common method to find a partner,
nowadays. #witawanita loves this one, too. Enjoy! 

Purple Communications says:

Speed dating takes on a whole new meaning with this prank video from Ford.
http://youtu.be/3Nyr1Ao7iZA #FridayFun

AB Игрушечная Коллекция says:

Отличный ДРАЙВ!!! У-у-у-у-х……

as ad says:

that empty parking lot was once a high paying manufacturing center before
all the jobs got outsourced…

Lisa Larson: Pawstalk Animal Communication & Reiki says:

Too Funny. (Share via Sarah Brown) http://ow.ly/Klrxf

swiftWord says:

Ford and this “prank” sucks

Rachel R says:

just got this exact car in blue about 4 days ago. let the games begin…

Jessica Bowen says:

That black guys laugh sounds like he’s crying and laughing at the same time
2:11 LOL

Pedro Fonseca says:

via +Joao Silva

É só o carro dos meus sonhos…um dia +Sandra Fonseca nós vamos ter um :)

RebelOfDominator says:

Beautifull woman and a beatifull car, i’d bang both xD

Laurie Rush says:

The 3rd guy screaming (aka Mr Well Rounded) is such a Hottie!!!! Great job
Major Dodge…he’s hilarious.

MotorLife says:

Appuntamento al buio per San Valentino? Magari con un giro in macchina…

HollywoodKendrick says:

Who is she? Stunt people don’t get the credit they deserve

Count Dracula says:

Plot-twist: One of the guys WAS married. :D

BigAl Willis says:

should have gave her a GT500

Joey Cameron says:

Are these seriously the kinds of guys I’m swimming with in the dating pool?
“I’m a ninja” WTF? Dude that kept listing things was uber boring. Black
dude with glasses screams like a little girl.

I do love that car though…It’s on my short list for when I’m ready buy
next year.

Aaron Terell says:

Yes pls. When adn where can i marry her?

Grandpa Tony Martinez says:

I know a girl who can drive like her and used to tear the tires off of a
Z-28 Camaro I had. I am sure she would not mind showing us a few things in
my GT Mustang!

08Damixedone says:

So….I guess these guys didnt make it to second base or anything…

Cheryl Ford says:

Nice colour the wheels need to be more of a chrome appearance and where is
the price quoted? or isn’t it?

Henry N says:

I find that woman attractive when she concentrate to drive

Николай Траченко says:

По – настоящему скоростное свидание (РОЗЫГРЫШ)

SUNET says:

Per gli inguaribili romantici. Perché San Valentino è tutti i giorni.

Stephen Dalchan says:

Typical guys… You’d expect them to enjoy this kind of driving.. Most of
them wasn’t even scared

fighting1202 says:

2015 mustang is NOT MUSTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Mad Hatter Drby says:

ok hot chick, hot car… but did anyone get a date with her???..wtf man?!

gogglestheydonothing says:

So…. does she still need a date or naw?

Jaun Ramirez says:

Thats right. Built Ford Tough best company out there 

Discount Tire Centers says:

Ford takes the term “Speed Dating” to a whole new level in their recent
promotional prank. Watch this hot female stunt driver, a slew of
unsuspecting guys, and a red mustang. Check out the video and once the
smoke settles, come into Discount Tire Centers to get your own tires
checked! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nyr1Ao7iZA

Rich Watson says:

The slogan is “Ford — Go Further” then why aren’t they back at her

Expand YOUR Brand Consulting says:

To connect with your audience, it’s important to have brand personality. Be
relevant and engage your customers!

Ford Motor Company wished the world a happy Valentine’s day recently with
this video of a speed dating prank. It’s had over 9 million views.

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