Spitting on People in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ KNIFE PULLED!!! ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

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prank & pranks 2015…Spitting on People in the Hood (pranks gone wrong) ♦ Social Experiment ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015
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Spitting on People in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ KNIFE PULLED!!! ♦ Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

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SoFloComedy says:

Spitting on People in the Hood (PRANKS GONE WRONG) ♦ KNIFE PULLED!!! ♦
Funny Videos ♦ Pranks 2015

Eldinn Ma says:

Not a big fan of the dumb intros 

Moe Omer says:

That’s ain’t no fuckin hood 

cody stark says:

Thumbs up if your sick of soflo antonios repetitive content 

Jacob Moua says:

Intro is gayer than Sam smith

PryzeeFTW says:

Is this guy on a low budget like why are all his intros in his bathroom?!

sangjae kim says:

Your accent is disgusting

Charles Megano says:

I hate kissing prank it’s not funny at all

J Knight says:

Does he think his intros are funny?

Carlos Salazar says:

That wasn’t even a “hood” prank. 

Nature Twigs says:

Only if he actually got stabbed by the guy with the box cutter or hit
harder in the head with that skateboard.

ZYBORG136 says:

When was a knife pulled ?

Alvaro Lopez says:


Indemem says:


Nova Wavezzz says:

Is that guy “special” or naw.

mateo vasquez franco says:

is that guy retarded?

MythicalSoccerBeast says:

If this guy got shot I wouldn’t care.

junter says:


CrazyAlien96 says:

Someone needs to give that guy a lava soap bar damm elbows dirty ….

The Best Undefeated says:

First of all this isn’t the hood. If it was and you were actually spitting
on black people its a 99.9 percent chance you’d end up in the hospital for
a few days.

Storm Bastien says:

Social experiment ? Of course people are going to be angry what are you
trying to find out

Dessert Limbo says:

Weapons are for the weak ones

Sniper Rusher says:

Tried to like it but accendently desliked oh well its your fault for doing
these dumb ideas 

kicker999000 says:

Waiting on the racist comments…. 

Andreas L. says:

Worst ”Prankster” ever..

wolflover1000able says:

That box cutter knife is soo scary, the guy holding the knife can probably
do more damage than that thing lol

Michael Richards says:

Is it key fork or just Kivork?

Caleb Sandberg says:

If you could make your own videos that’d be greeeeeeaaaaaat

MegaXkillerxx says:

Box cutter pulled*

Alex Coronella says:

\( •_•) F
< ⌒ヽ A / へ. \ B / / \\ U | ノ ヽ_つ L / / O / /| U ( (ヽ S | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / `ノ ) Lノ (__ *HEY if you want, look at my latest video, there's a goat flying*

AceDiamonds says:

Lmfao where was this im Scarborough that building looks familiar btw im
from galloway 

ShadoWxAssasin says:

I hate this guy

Ahmed AL Harbi says:


Josh Barber says:

I don’t wish death upon anyone but if this guy died I would be happy

TwistedEmcees says:

Dude looks like a tweaker

Infokus says:

I don’t have the same definition of hood…weak…

lavonte brown says:

White people are so damn violent.

gladiator says:

Wtf is this? 

antoinne strasbourg says:

the intro is so bad

Machinegun Camel says:

Where is this fucker from I mean the guy who does the pranks? everything
about him is annoying. I hope one day someone really fucks him up.

Napalm Tomahawk says:

That DuDe could not be more unlikeable…

CvitaFX | ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ | Road To 0.1k says:

What do u expect?
You do wierd things to other people and when they want to beat u up you
yell like a baby: ITS A PRANK! -.-

AnimeFreak says:

The intro can use some help….

whosyaw whosyaw says:

everything is lame about these pranksters

Go Sukakok says:

Liek if u watshing dis in 1990

dawnwater97 says:

Whats outro song

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