Spray Painting a Penis on Bugatti Prank (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Funny Videos – Best Pranks 2014

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Spray Painting a Penis on Bugatti Prank (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Funny Videos – Best Pranks 2014

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SoFloComedy says:

Spray Painting a Penis on Bugatti (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Funny Videos – Best
Pranks 2014

Jesse Locke says:

Two black guys trying to protect the property of someone they obviously
don’t know. Wouldn’t you all say that was a big deal? There certainly would
be a lot of criticism if it were the other way around, and rightfully so. 

TwinzTV says:

Thanks bro for posting our videos and helping promote our channel!! If you
guys like this video come check out our channel we have a few other videos
with the bugatti!!

Davey Silvers says:

Every-fucking-thing is a prank gone wrong even though nothing went wrong.
Fuck this shit.

Cole Holdcraft says:

It’s sad how many people just sat back and watched, EVEN THE COP! ;_;

Mauricio Cardd says:

Stupid people that take out their cell phones when they see a expensive
car. MY GOD

Ryan Grummel says:

What song is this?

Cameron Fields says:

0:09, im sorry what, “world’s most expensive car” thats cute, i could sell
my 250 gto and buy 20 bugatti’s

SheriffGamer says:

Just so you know the song is called Nova by Ahrix.

weenermeat says:

y dat luk lyke my peeniz doe?

Grammar Nazi says:

If you drive a super car, chances are, you are a scumbag who got rich
I don’t think most people get rich through honest hard work. They either
inherit money, or get involved in politics/drugs/etc and make money while
ruining people’s lives.

On a related note, I don’t remember people Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
showing off their wealth by driving in cars like that, even though they
could probably afford an entire cargo ship full of them. 

i_Plagi says:

German engineers developed this car 🙂 VW owns Bugatti so it’s built with
VW parts in France.

Joseph Loveskimchi says:

those two black dudes protecting the buggati of someone they dont even know
. are rare … really rare .

msms47 says:

ppl combaring lambo to this ? ! lambo is about 150-300k $ wish is not that
expansiv and many high class and even top of middel class can afford after
some time ! this car is 2-3 million ! even actors and singers can not aford
this car only big milllioners and billioners do 

CyberLeaf says:

If you ever did that on my car, prank or no prank, I would smash your ugly
teeth in.

gibsondeis says:

1:53 lmao lil kid and a cop show up with their iphones takin pics of a
dildo on a bugatti what has this world come to

Storm ztv says:

If someone sprayed that shit on my suite, il kill them and spray it on
their coffin.

Ambrose Salamone says:

bro love this song

Crag B says:

Rich daddy bought me a car so am do loads of pranks for attention.

Vinh Hoa says:

Do you see how the black dudes rush up to the prankers and tried to stop

Stewie Griffin says:

lol if i had a bugatti i would kill you for looking at it…..

Pandos says:

nyone else see Eugene from Buzzfeed in there?

TheScottishWarrior says:

Dat song is Nova by Ahrix
Juts saying

BlazeKing73 says:

I have a question where the hell did they get the money to buy or rent this
car or what idiot would trust his friends to use his $2 million car for a

koolkid199115 says:

can someone please give me the name to this song ….

Adam Palmer says:

Wat the song I luv it in the pranking bits

George Valencia says:

does anyone know the name of this song? from the intro to the end is

Yakimandu Gaming says:

messing with other peopls stuff is not funny. sry

OuchMikeHunt says:

Yeah but working your whole life may lead to your life revolving around
your job and nothing else. Find a balance inbetween.. for instance I work
at cracker barrel but I sell weed. I make about 32k a year and I just
graduated high school. I am happy and could live the rest of my life like

DiamondMiner999 says:

what song is that

Sunny Lupitan says:


Wilson Nsengathekwe says:

whats the name of the song playing behind? I like it.

Ambrose Salamone says:

what ong is this

Genevieve MIller says:

Finally a prank where u have a body guard

Eric coffey says:

This isn’t funny.i don’t care if ur a rich douchbag..anyone who does this
to a bugatti needs to be strapped the the back and drug at top speed…that
motherfucker deserves to fucking to die.but not b4 the douchbag pays for a
new paint job..this guy’s an asshole..period!!!!!

Dinotheone89 says:

Its just a Car
Wy get all wooooooow about IT??

I want fordmustang 67
Mor classy ;)

Maurice Moss says:

This isn’t a prank, this is extreme vandalism.

iiCool Studios says:

wait whos car was it?

Austin Mann says:

whats the intro music called?

김동산 says:

what is the back grounsmusic of this video???

Justin Zehner says:

Song name plz?

Hamilton Smith says:

What is the name of the song in the video?

Andrea Bianconcini says:

The name of the song it’s: ahrix-nova

David Wong says:

song name?

Euzko Gudariak says:

Whats the song?

Hieya Mastermine says:

Who needs a Bugatti when you have a JEEP. For a fun fast ride chose JEEP.
If you want to scare all the ladies choose JEEP.

samuel cassamajor says:

What is the name of the song

Brodie Pettingill says:


Casey Mollenhauer says:

my family is pretty rich and my dad owns a Bugatti and I know for a
fact when my dad retires and gives his business to me I will buy a super
car and if anyone does any stupid shit like this to it ill either beat the
shit out of them but only if looks like I could and if not ill taze there
ass twice

GreenArrow SwagMaster361 says:

ik i look stupid

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