Stealing from Homeless People (Social Experiment) – Stealing Prank – Pranks 2014 – Prank Gone Wrong

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Prank & Pranks gone wrong…Stealing from the Homeless (Social Experiment) – Stealing Prank – Prank Gone Wrong – Pranks 2014 ➨ If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you haven’t already! 😀

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Stealing from Homeless People (Social Experiment) – Stealing Prank – Pranks 2014 – Prank Gone Wrong

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YourGlitcher says:

nothing went wrong 

hangyakushaCC says:

I can’t blame them. Even if I see woman stealing, I’m afraid that she will
just accuse me of harassing her but when I see a man steal, its a different

MaineFameGaming says:

She hott ;)

HeyImTrollingYou LOL says:

Wow they don’t care about the girl but they care about the guy wow sexist

Danny Pham says:

‘Their’s’ WOW. REALLY?.

King Slayer says:

So doe’s this mean I can get away with anything? So I could mugg someone
for their stuff, and if someone confronts me I can just say ‘nah don’t
worry, its a social experiment…’

VCR says:

These girls can get away anything.

AeroTypical says:

and nothing went wrong stop with the fake titles antonio please

Peter Yang says:

It just means that people let women get away with most things while men get
spied on.

Mashed Potatoes says:

Pathetic humans. Demanding justice but overlooking injustice. I’m glad I’m
simply mashed potatoes.

marcos jr galan says:

I bet the creator of this video wanted to use her to attract more viewers
mainly :/. and also I bet they trade popularity with sex by making lots of
video then letting her be in one of their videos, and she gives them what
they want :p

Hector Anaya says:

Ya still don’t know the difference between “their” & “they’re” lol

Joshua Cachero says:

I think the reason why we don’t say anything is because we live in a
dangerous world and we might end up getting ourselves hurt, like a
stabbing. You never know who can hold and use a weapon, like a knife or a
small pistol.

danny125867 says:

there is a definition, according to people today
a muscular black man.
don’t call me a racist, mostly because that’s not what it means, but it’s
let’s say your an ass man
and you see a girl walking down the street with a jiggly big ass
your penis thinks for you and says “no” to busting her.
but it wants to bust itself IN her.

Matowix says:

Females get away with any shit, men have to face aggressive consequences
for everything, females have it so easy, even getting sex is easy for them.
No wonder men die younger than women. Women are lazy tarts and normally

Corey says:

Because people are fucking stupid, they’ll let a girls with a pretty face
get away with anything. I’d tase her

Tyler Curtin says:

The guy at the end used all his money for drugs I bet

AeroTypical says:

There’s* but good video

neogamer123456 says:

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the men causing the women to be “lazy tarts
and normally bitches”. It’s a social standard that men are suppose to take
shit like a roughneck. Ladies are suppose to be gentle. It’s not the
females fault they get away with shit… only one fucking guy tried to stop
her, the rest kept walking. Take responsibility for your own actions. Love
how men talk about this double standard shit when they don’t even follow
it. Btw, I’m a guy… and I’m not gay. It’s just you guys seem like the
“lazy tarts and normally bitches” to me.

zakfreestyle freeman says:

women YES but Man no Fuck off stupid world

kevin chirivi says:

She’s hot

Thesman106 says:

Touched my heart!… wait im pretty sure someone stole that

Ccg gamimg says:

That’s very shity

vvoova3000 says:

U guys are crazy!

osmaro lopez says:

I don’t know why this guy’s are giving money to the back man smoking, you
are just giving him money to his cigarettes I do help homeless but no the
ones I see smoking or drinking I hate that they are asking for money to
keep their addictions , get a job and make a life everyone can do it if
they really want 2 

noah sheriff says:

Girls good guys bad fuck you

Austyn Woodliff says:

you spelled there’s wrong…

MinerAbacuss says:

2:05 Stuck on repeat???

Samuel G says:

It really annoys me that a woman can steal that shit without anyone doing a
THING! When a guy does it tho…. OOOOO……

AUTH Clan says:

Firstt yesssssss

Omar Naz says:

no wonder nobody stopped the girl everybody was like &====D

TommyLee153 says:

This is great.Respect to all the people who stopped you.

Mike Stableton says:

the real homeless guy in the end how could he afford cigarettes?

Best In Class says:

You would have to be pretty much shit to steal from homeless. Its not like
they have HD tvs lol

Xonix Striker says:

Ya I wouldn’t care.. if I saw the girl steal I would of said something.

WhiteEmerald1991 says:

That homeless guy at the end…i think he was smart by putting those dollar
bills away. Because i wonder if people are less willing to give money to a
homeless guy if he/she sees if the homeless person has a lot of bills.
hmmmmm try this social experiment xD

Marc Spencer says:

Shoulda use a black person stealing the money

Loi Phan says:

lol 1:45 put that back right nowx1000000000 

dash riprock says:

with all that money,he can pay the morgage on his house in manhatten.

Arlarna Lee says:

If I saw someone doing that I would boot their ass

OfficalHDGamer says:


Tyler Phillips says:

It’s so unfair….. Girls get away with anything except cheating on people

Aymen Alhashimy says:

the lady she is really hot 

Max B says:

People are losers. I honestly don’t know what to say to the people who did

Jone Lee Buckright says:

Anyone notice that they are giving money to a guy that buys cigarettes? 

John M says:

This is similar to a moral-teaching TV show called What Would You Do?

bladedlegos says:

So sexist

Bozo Dorochenko says:


Haikel Madani says:

I don’t like that girls face. She looked bitchy as fuck in the end of the

SuperGeronimo999 says:

I would let that bitch steal all my money for free! (not exactly tho…)

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