Stealing Phones in Public (PRANK GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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SoFloPranks says:

Stealing Phones in Public (PRANK GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny
Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

iitzBombZy says:

i couldve commented first but i passed

MrTopSodaPop says:

i had a friend who did this…… he got shot and killed 

WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

How to make fat people run

xAegon says:

This is not a prank , its just some stupid close-to-theft shit that can get
you a beating

Nino Ninako says:

He says (if i hear good i am not sure) from Afghanistan and he said to him
salam? Are he so stupid (cause a 5 years old know Afghanistan are not
arabs)? You cant live 2014 and be so stupid (google is here) wtf so
uneducated person (and he is not only him pfff stupids)

Tysterbax says:

Im really getting board with these vids now :(

Welsh and English Gamerz says:

Wow , that intro is loud.

Danny Walsh says:

Pranks gone wrong? How the fuck did they think it was going to be liked for
this prank XD

Maka Dangare says:

The part that has gone wrong is their channel

MyAssStings says:

i fucking hate you learn how to balance the audio in transition from the
pranks to that gay ass chicken song. shit hurt like fuck. fuck you. this
video sucks too. dislike.

ShadowyEagle says:

fuck off with that loud ass intro

crashboomalex says:

thats funny, watch on my channel if you like. With very funny clips :-)

Pyro XPGuy says:

Your intro made me go deaf.

davidred7697 says:

Intro & 0:54, RIP headphone users… 

Casi Ramond says:

There’s a difference between a prank and being a dick

dcmn88 says:

Stupid prank, I’d take your camera and run off with it, problem is you cant
tell if its truly a prank or not unless you run after them, very
inconvenient and stupid.

moe alani says:


ahmed kouki says:

that sounds good , i m gonna try to steal people phones and run a away and
if i get caught ,, i tell him its a prank :’D

SaltyHashes says:

If you value your hearing — at all — go to 0:10

ZNFrost Plays says:

this music pissed me off 

morgan freeman says:

Why no gaming stuff anymore?

Tostada Jones says:

That’s why you make them lay on the ground or you sit on.them before they
use your phone

Ahmed Ali says:

Fuck the music man !!! 

azusa rie says:

fucking bgm

Uuganbaatar Baynsuren says:

Where is the gone wrong part?

Zain Khan says:

Yay lol

TimaGamer says:


charlie games says:


Robhy Lung says:


Emil Nielsen says:

Thats a easy way for thiefs to get a new phone..

Mike Nogrechi says:


Ibrahim Muhammad says:


Def_Noob_Eh 1 says:


Koray R.Avlar says:

Lol that buttcrack though on 2:35

Clash With KickAss says:

What happened to this channel? It used to be good, but now you just copy
other peoples pranks and claim them for yourself, just for the views &
money, fuck you. Cunt.

Billyandfriends says:

Lol his buttcrack when he gets up 

GamerPear says:


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