Step Brothers – Bloopers / Gag Reel | (HD)

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Alex McG says:

This should be good :)

Lucas DiCiano says:

this 13 minute clip was better than all of the 2014 comedies

CanEhdianbuddEh!? says:

“I’m gonna fucking neutralize you!”

“… I don’t understand English.”

Made my fucking day! xD

danielandhisguitar says:

This is no doubt one of the best movies in history.

Rachael LeBLanc says:

I just want John C Reilly and Will Ferrell to keep me entertained every
day. I will seriously pay them to live with me.

Josef Newsom says:

brenanas mom is hot

john papple says:

These are all outtakes… Not bloopers.

David Lesman says:

” This is whore shit! ”
Made my fucking day lol

mbbeatz says:

holy thing from the fantastic four shit!!

Andrew Burt says:

This is Galco, which is Hebrew for kindness.

IIExhibitAII says:

Best movie ever..from the cast to the music..

NepiixProject says:

10:18 is the funniest thing ever. I’m saying that to my friend if I ever go
to his house.

MegaDrainProductions says:

“Come on, I’ve gotta get home and oil my jacket!”

Out of everything, that had to be my favorite. 

XYlophonetreeZ says:

I had my nipples removed because I’m not a girl.

Sagar Rao says:

As good as the movie itself.

ROACHY22 says:

4:15 Andy Bernard?

Nikki J says:

“What the fuck Mom?!”…. lol

CoD3x4life says:

Did anyone else notice the Hugalo’s Pizza sign from Talledega Nights in the
background? 3:07

Chad Neuendorf says:

It’s a waiting game right now ! We won’t know
Lmfao !!!!!!!!

Timothy Wiley says:

At 3:00 is that the pizza sign from Talladega nights on the gold Chevy when
Ricky Runs over the Police officer I swear it is 

packergeek10 says:

Fuck you Dad. Fuck you Dale. So random I love comedy like that.

Qwzm8 says:

This is so great 

LegendOfBkt says:

Will Ferrell , my idol. Keep it up !!! Love you !!!!

Dr Ivo Robotnik says:

When’s the part I laugh?

Rashid Al Tamimi says:

+MohammedsWay u and mutaz 5:30 , u and saeed 9:10 , me and hathoor 10:28

2727taterbug says:


leonhart says:

2:51 is maybe one of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen LOL

Peace420 Hooligan says:

That smile at 2:14 oh my GOD

Matthew D says:

WHAAAT!!! 2 actors from What’s eating gilbert grape, in the same movie?
Mind is blown.

Pilar Martinez says:

4:05 on replay LMAO

Nycia Towle says:

Mom its dangerous to meet someone online.

SexabIe says:


Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. says:

“I am a
And I’m a warlock.”

That’s a great resume builder right there.

I’m kind of hungry now. Gonna go eat some ice and mustard.

Bosoxfan81 says:

0:33 – 0:35

Franky Twofingers says:

The swastika is backwards.

abdelrahman hatem says:
Silvio Dante says:

fuck you dad loooolll

Sebastian T. says:

Im a medical doctorrr!

Dan Lewis says:

I’m gonna punch you in the concussion 

Emma Smyth says:

that little girl is great.

Cindy Wu says:

Narco película 

The Anti-Theist says:

Have you ever masturbated with these on. HAHAHAHA


Need a lot more
Please. Great video 

AngelLove890 says:

I pretty sure they had more laughs off set. 

Tyler Stephens says:


Ricardo Rodriguez says:

the girl talking at 12:02 is also the little girl in Anchorman who says ”
your an awful man Mr Burgundy”

Jim Watts says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

brandon tonini says:

I hope you like search lights I got tons of em

karateprincess1 says:

“I’m gonna punch you in the concussion!” fucking brilliant.

jonathan prince says:


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