Supernatural ≡ Humor [Season 9 Gag Reel & BTS]

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INFO | So, here’s a little humor video of the new Season 9 Gag Reel and Misha’s Behind The Scenes. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

STUFF USED | Song: Rave Rave Rave by Bonaparte
Supernatural Season 9 Gag Reel + Behind The Scenes

I’d also like to thank everyone who subscribed to my channel even though I don’t have many videos uploaded! You’re amazing! Thank you! 🙂

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xX UltraNicolet Xx says:

omg,this is so incredible and really hilarious! Haha,love it! <3

Louisa Canepa says:

A lot of these scenes are from the mockumentary, which isn’t actually
behind the scenes, it’s just a joke mini episode thingy that misha
directed. Jared’s hair was not actually on fire, and I’m pretty sure Jensen
doesn’t do martial arts on top of his trailer in a bathrobe…. 

ThePankee says:

This is genius!!! OMG!!! xD

Amanda Magalhães says:

I love This ♥

Supernatural ≡ Humor [Season 9 Gag Reel & BTS]

Lauren Shellmyer says:

What was Misha talking about at the end because I feel like he was super
pissed off at Jensen and Jared

Maze Memory says:

The Mockumentary is epic xD ♥

Alina0405video says:

oh my god, I love it so much! I adoooore this vid! :D

Rose Lily says:

you did an amazing video congratz :)

TheSPNWorld says:

Oh jesus, this is so hilarious! I’m crying.. amazing job!

talia rodrigues says:

alguem tem o video da parte 2:44 ??????

Danae Rose says:

did Jared lick Misha’s face?! omg

LittleFlip says:


nebi licht says:

better without the damn music

Saltwaterfish96 says:

I watch this video at least once a day, it’s just too awesome :)

Rikki Rinehart says:

Was Jared’s hair on fire towards the end….?

Starz10101013 says:

The paper airplane incident 

Courtesy of the Red,White and Blue says:

love it when jensen runs with the dog

josie wiker says:

This is so funny I’m dying 

Rachel Dwyer says:

What’s this song?

visualyume says:


Cristiano Tummler says:


That BlackWolf Is Now AsiaWolf says:

0:52 Castiel form: “Hug me brother!” <3

Emm Ell says:

Holy crap that explosion 

iBaganie IuI says:

Is the mockumentary on the DVD?

Secret Identity says:

Where do I watch the BTS? I can’t find it ANYWHERE even on iTunes (I bought
season nine)

footballgirl1406 says:

1:33 o Jensen and your trailer top Thai Chi lol

Cristiano Tummler says:


Sarah Ahsan says:

Was that explosion real? I mean there was fire on Jared’s hair 

Isabel Naipe says:

What is the music?

Mr. Insane says:

SAMs hair is fake lol..

kristina tollefson says:

I so love this video it so cute and sweet

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