The Best Funny Animal Video on the internet Wins & Fails

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أفضل فيديو لحيوانات مضحكة على شبكة الإنترنت – فوزه وفشل
Самый смешной видео животных в Интернете – Победы и терпит поражение
The Best Funny Animal video på internet – Vinner och misslyckas
O melhor animal de vídeo engraçado na internet – Vitórias e falha
De Best Funny Animal Video op het internet – wint en Fails
The Best Funny Video Haiwan di internet – Menang dan Gagal
The Best Lucu Animal Video di internet – Wins dan Gagal
Il Best Video Divertenti animali su internet – Vittorie e non riesce
インターネット上で最高の面白い動物のビデオ – 勝失敗
The Best Funny Animal Video på internett – Seire og Svikter
De Best Funny Animal Video op het internet – wint en Fails
最佳滑稽动物视频在互联网上 – 胜利和失败
인터넷에서 가장 재미있는 동물 비디오 – 승 실패
The Best Funny Animal Video im Internet – Siege und Fails
La meilleure drôle vidéo Animal sur Internet – Victoires et échoue
El Mejor Video Animal divertido en Internet – gana y se produce un error
انٹرنیٹ پر ڈاؤن لوڈ، اتارنا پرتفریح ​​Animal ویڈیو – جیت لیا اور ناکامی
इंटरनेट पर सर्वश्रेष्ठ अजीब बात है पशु वीडियो – जीत और विफल रहता है
វីដេអូរបស់សត្វល្អបំផុត Funny នៅលើអ៊ិនធើណិ – ឈ្នះនិងការខកខានមិនបាន


Abou Dajaja says:

Un chat sauve un enfant d’un chien agressif .

Karen Hayter says:

10:12 Thats the kind of bird I have

Origen Natural - Jabon says:

The Best Funny Animal Video on the internet Wins & Fails

Stella4eva says:

Crow feeding other creatures?? I LOVE IT!!!

bob player says:

funny psy bird

Pedro Fernandez says:

What kind of birds are those?? I want one, where can u find them??

verticalsmurf says:

Fart noises over a dog? Lame

t wedge says:

1:22 “Take a look folks shes getting ready to do some thing very special
here. Yes! She’s doing the lindy-hop”

Mariah Steele says:

8:17 was my fave clip! That cockatoo is adorable! X3
I didn’t even know that they could mimic English…

Noriko1988 says:

“SEXY LADY! OPPA GAGNAM STYLE!” XD Really made my day!

lesselp says:

Ripped-off clips uploaded in even lower quality..

amanda duarte says:

I bet the lizard was like get off me cat

Alexandria Caufield says:

Aww, there’s a real cute tiger cub

Lars T. says:


• LaSonata • says:

The two indian ringnecks… Cutest parrots ever.

Fjona says:

9:12 !!!!!!!!! ;D

2007frodo says:

9:18 LOL

Akimoto873 says:

7:22, animal abuse – holding it up with a string attached to its tail.

loreta jank says:

The Best Funny Animal Video on the internet Wins & Fails

This is a very good explanation of why we constantly have to wait for them
for so long ..

Dj Kitten says:

8:35 The water, is brown. O_O

hp7135 says:

7:16 just makes me think Sounth park some reason… XD

Muzz Gallimimus says:

11:50 what bird is this?

Matt ttaM says:

1:05 its 50 shades of cat

Desi Thing says:

i am scared that one day a parrot will come outside of my house..shitting
on my car and screaming at my face..”SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKAA”

Brotastic964 says:

love he farting dog XD

William Pfeffer says:

All must relish this video! What inspires you to do this

Ramona Castillo says:

I meant a animal lover.Animals are prescious to me

John House says:

i love 10:05 lolz :P

Stella4eva says:


Rebecca Chamberland says:

that was the best video ever

Placido F. Adam says:

The Best Funny Animal Video on the internet Wins …:

Rocky Dean says:

what kind of bird was that at 4:02?

Bronte Davis says:

3:06 satanic dog in the background 

Dj Kitten says:

7:52 Baby Doge!!!!

Healthy Hot Air says:

lol the dog’s face when the guitarist stops is hilarious!

sharer ussharing says:
Sultan Cadiev says:


Funny Moments says:

Funny video!)

Banshee 117 says:

1:16 Kill me please…

Spencer Clark says:

What a disgusting animal, actively trying to eat its own farts.

CosyAtticWhispers says:


Mr.Huo says:

Anyone know music at 6:35

Something Wanted says:

1:05 all i could think was “this is my lizard. i will love it forever”

CraftyMaelyss says:

11:01 “Uh oh that cats gonna break that shelf….” *Cat completely fails*
“If he gets up there first….”

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