The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) Season 6 (S6) Gag Reel Bloopers

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Hannah the rockstar says:

I get a hell of a laugh looking at this stuff the bloopers of the funniest
shows are the best I swear when they do something funny it’s hard to take
it seriously that’s what I get a laugh out of

BedsitBob says:

I’d have happily traded places with Jim, when he was rubbing vaporub on
Mayim’s chest.

MrDamian475 says:

Ok seriously, what is Penny last name?

BroadwayBaby213 says:


Harsh Sanghavi says:

2 Million Views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohoooo !!!
Thanks Alot big bangers!! KEEP SHARING AND SUBSCRIBING Season 7 Bloopers
coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!

Harsh Sanghavi says:

The Big Bang Theory Season 7: Bloopers Uploaded On My Channel !!! Enjoy !!

treehuggerkyle says:

It’s hard to work with an ex-girlfriend under any circumstances … but
pretending to be dating her, that’s gotta be super weird!

Abby Wells says:

When lenord was about to put on sheldons stocking I was thinking ITS

Trpimir Karlović says:

I like how Johnny Galecki gets mad when he fucks up :)

BedsitBob says:

Jim and Mayim play chicken with vaporub, and Myaim blinks first 🙂 

Hatska2wolf says:

You don’t have problems? What’s you’re last name?……I don’t

DerBegginBlue says:

That thing with the last name killed me! I barely noticed that before^^

Alduin the Warlord says:

“I’m 83 Years Old, ‘the hell do ya want from Me?!” XD

wolfhh21 says:

i love them all!

Harsh Sanghavi says:

1 Million Views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohoooo !!!

saramgeorge says:

omg i just realized we never knew Penny’s last name… and prob never will

Oobe says:

howard is underrated actor!!

Dengle181 says:

ensemble shows are the best. 

Annie McLean says:

I wonder if they’ll do something about the passing of Mr. Nimoy in an

Lydia dwek says:

“your like a bundle of issues, you don’t have problems whats your last
name- i don’t know” lol best line ever!!! :)

crazycatlady1313 says:

I never get tired of watching these :)

Jenna Kruse says:

Now they will most likely reveal penny’s last name at the wedding

nuya buisness says:


Harsh Sanghavi says:

PLZ Check the Introducion to my channels(in my uploads) and feedback is
welcomed plz.

Doof Network says:

Leonard breaking the 4th wall ftw

Zoe TheCat says:

What a beautiful life. Make $1 Million/episode while laughing your ass

Onion Cries says:

Sheldon looks so weird laughing

charley sutton says:

cool bloopers

metro4star says:

Good video

joesr31 says:

ever wondered if they get so used to people setting up the items after they
screw up that when they knock something or screwed something up in real
life, they just stay there and wait for people to clear up after them

Eugenia Mora says:

Which epidode in 5:58 ??

Michelle Young says:

What is Penny’s last name?

TvFreakLady says:

I love the bloopers! XDDDD 

PumaDSunnyxD says:

look Sheldon XD
it’s awesome

MsVanessa995 says:

I only came here for the spanking ;)

Ebonnie Carroll says:

love the big bang theory I love SHELDON !|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby Girling says:

love them so much ❤

CopyKid says:

6:15 how can that happen ? … It’s not a real apartment. 

Harsh Sanghavi says:

1.5 Million Views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohoooo !!!
Thanks Alot Guys and all the big bangers!!

Nemanja Grbovic says:

Poor Penny after Big bang theory ends her career ends too probably.

Justin Williams says:

“Feel free to play with yourself.” lol

YUpi says:

of all the unfunny shows that ever existed, this is the most unfunniest. 

Inge-Maria Müller says:

love it <3

Laura Helm says:

LOL, 1;05-1;11 either of the guys saw what happen, But I cant remember
which ep this is in.

Musta FireMan says:


Ольга Орлова says:

I thought that I’d die…. It’s so funny!!

Samuel López says:

What episode is this one ?? 3:03 Thanks

IRahkuBz says:

Last Part LOOOL

Mark Parsikhian says:

why do their voices sound so high?

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