The Other Guys – Bloopers / Gag Reel | (HD)

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lairdriver says:

this was a great movie. I really hope they do a sequel.

AL3XOWNZ says:

Probably the most underrated comedy I have ever seen. 

William C. says:

“We found a snake that killed himself” lol How the hell?

DMacGaming84 says:

Dirty Mike and the boys, thats going to be the name of my new clan lol.

edward fincher says:

The bit about outrunning the explosion was hilarious. The car inspector guy
was a hell of an improviser

Ikue P says:

The things that happened to that car are insanely funny. Who gets a carp
and decides it goes in the air filter?? How do a bunch inner city girls
coordinate their bodies to have their first periods ever in a random car?
And who starts a community garden in a car??? LOL

Patrick Bateman says:


Richie Rico says:

How do Ferrell movies even get

Joe Madden says:

HAVE AN ARNOLD PALMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon Ymous says:

“stack jack” is the best 

LaughterMadeFat says:

That cop’s ad-libs are mind boggling funny.

Mato Mađerić says:

Bed, Bath & Way the fuck out there. xD

tankmaster1018 says:

*Crew member
“Keep going he’s Blacking Out!”

foorocker says:

I honestly can’t believe there are people who did not like this movie.

Rob Ranieri says:

We found a snake, that killed itself. 

nworbrelytthefirst says:

“travis, please stop talking about your near death experience on the staten
island ferry. that white light shit scares people. that’s not what the
‘beyond’ in bed bath and beyond means.”

leefuji says:

This movie was kickass. 

Private First Class William Hudson says:

Michael Keaton and the TLC song title jokes were very amusing.

Khaled Ceekay says:

I really wanna see Will Ferrell play a serious role for once, could be
pretty good as a serious actor instead of a actor/comedian. Who knows ?!

fendergibsonsounds says:

I’m tryin to play real FEAR!! You keep pointing it at me I can’t do it.

Jesse brit says:

It must be hard to work with someone as funny as will

Deryk Dubie says:

the bloopers were funnier than the movie, movie was great but this was also
just perfect

Jason Chadwick says:

the icecream truck is named Mr. Softees

Connor Hutcheon says:

it’s ok, you can call me gene when we’re not in the office :)

C.J. Davis says:

“the movie industry is completely irresponsible for the way they portray
explosions!!” xD xD xD

Dani D Melgar says:

they need to do a Samuel L Jackson and The Rock MOVIE!!!!

Wester says:

Will ferrel has the best straight face lol. He always keeps it straight

Anthony Figueroa says:

The Other Guys, I forgot how funny this movie is

Ethan Sollenberger says:

“I feel like I was punched by the fucking Devil!”

Tysto Brr says:

“I feel like the devil walked up and punched me right in the dick!”

Actually cried laughing. Don’t know why

michael malosky jr says:

The Michael Keaton sales assocs meeting stands out — he hasn’t lost any of
his comedy/acting chops.

Joey Garner says:

Mark Walburg is probably one of the worst actors out there, but I still
like his movies haha. 

russianeliteREACTIONS says:


germany121374 says:

There’s no way i don’t have soft tissue damage.

Kaobopa Paopozb says:

looks like they didin’t have a script for this! this is awesome!

Kelly oxo says:

They should have left :29 in, but Mr. Wahlberg was laughing. Damnit
Wahlberg ;)

Cameron Raymond says:

Michael Keaton is hilarious.

Vayneex says:

Sometimes I go outside and pretend that I’m a leaf.

jake mick says:

It’s not bed bath and way the fuck out there

Vault says:

we found a snake and it killed himself.

TheDragon1160 says:

“My testicles are hot and sweaty” – WillFerrel4President2k15 

Scottii Le says:

Hahaha working with Will Ferrel must be hard to keep a straight face.

jgarci071 says:

lost it right there

ScoopMcGillicutty says:

“I drank a lava lamp and fucked a german shepard, is that awful or
disgusting? Or is that love?” lost it

mikebud12 says:

Well atleast from 4:42 – 4:54 wahlberg was a rock. I don’t know how someone
could act with will ferrell especially because how much he improvs, I would
crack the fuck up every five seconds. 

Isaiah May says:

We’re gonna be putting some D’S in some A’s. lol

quelin sepulveda says:


Alex Banks says:

:32 Dwayne’s look of confusion is just priceless.

VitorMiguell says:

such a great movie, and is amazing how they allow so many improvisation

Ricardo M says:

Making a movie with Will Ferrell looks like so much fun

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