THE SIMPSONS | Breaking Bad Couch Gag from “What Animated Women Want” | ANIMATION on FOX

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The Simpsons take on the AMC series Breaking Bad in an All-New couch gag. Watch it here!

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THE SIMPSONS – the longest-running scripted show in television history – is a cultural institution. Intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty, THE SIMPSONS, now in its historic 26th season, continues to poke fun at itself and everything in its wake.

THE SIMPSONS | Breaking Bad Couch Gag from “What Animated Women Want” | ANIMATION on FOX

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Davi Snick says:

Dear Simpsons creators,
I have but one request.
Thanks x

Tv Music Games says:

The Simpsons Breaking Bad themed intro from the episode “What Animated
Women Want”. It’s pretty funny.

maxwell smart says:

I cant agree with the top comment. I mean every tv show has its ups and
downs, no writer is perfect. Tell me one other show that lasted over 25
years besides the simpsons. None.

Cyril Archtal says:

Homersenberg !

LongleggedSockPuppet says:

Its pathetic how hard this show tries to be relevant, how have they not
accented that the show hasn’t been worth watching in at least a decade?

Kathi Revolver says:

Why hate on The Simpsons? It’s inspired some of the biggest T.V. shows
today like Family Guy and South Park! 

WhiteSlift says:

The Simpsons have gone from a great show to a pile of horseshit excuse for
a show, and the makers should be ashamed of using a great series like
Breaking Bad in it. They don’t deserve to parody it.

DrunCan Gaming says:

I didn’t noticed that cameraman who recorded us! Did you invite him +Jesse

Godzilla52 says:

Simpsons Track record.
Seasons 1-2: Hit and miss. Show shows lots of promise, but hasn’t quite
tapped into its greatness yet.

Season 3: The season where the show comes into it’s own and becomes
consistently great.

Season 4-9: The Golden age of the series where it reached it’s comedic and
narrative high-points (most of the best episodes of the show come out
during these seasons).

Seasons10-13: the shows silver years, still great television despite some
overly prudish criticisms. The show is slightly weaker then it was before,
but still solid. Plus alot of classic episodes came here as well.

Seasons 14-15: I would argue that this is the point where everything starts
going south. After the Treehouse of Horror episode that starts season 14
off, its quite clear that the quality of episodes being churned out is alot
weaker and less consistent then it was before (especially with the stellar
finale to season 13). There are far more stinkers packed into each season
to the point where neither season is worth owning all together. That being
said there is a good episode here and there. Season 15 also had the
privilege of releasing the last episode of the Simpsons that I would call
great (I Annoyed Grunt Bot).

Seasons 16-19: Season 16 for me is the first bad season of the Simpsons:
after this point, the show never releases a great episode again and at this
point is just running on fumes of its former glory with each season being
weaker then the one that preceded it.

Seasons 20-25: It’s here that the Simpsons kills off what little good
graces it has left at this point and goes from bad to being completely
horrible. At this point the show becomes a parody of itself and leaves
modern views mystified to how much the quality has shrunk since the shows
glory days.

The show has went on so long, that it has essentially ruined itself
.Despite that fact that everything that was good about that show is gone,
it continues to deface itself and soldier on into new levels of horrendous.
It’s mockery of what it used to be.

The Simpsons is one of the only shows in TV history that existed through
the golden age and the ultimate decline of basic cable television in
America. However, the show now is evidence of how the majority of basic
cable channels (with the exception of AMC) have declined to the point where
the quality of new programs being released has shrunk exponentially and has
really been dying a slow death for over a decade now. The flip side is that
HBO, FX, and Netflix (and most Subscription channels) Are the now the
outlet for the most of the high quality programming on American TV and most
basic cable channels have shown themselves incapable of adapting and making
new shows that are worth watching. 

Handsome Jack says:

when you realise it’s a song they use in BrBa in season 5 when they cook ^^

JudasAngel666 says:

So is Homer supose to be Walt or Hank? LOL

crazyinsane500 says:

Walt: I miss my family . . .
Jesse: Which one?
Walt: The one with the smart kid. 

milincoln says:

Breaking Bad sucks.

Alex D. says:

Dear people, I don’t know why so much hate on a show that has been around
for decades. The problem is you’re just full of nostalgia, your humour went
to shit and you solely remember feelings, you remember it used to make you
feel god instead of the actual show, wich in my opinion is still a very
good show.
“Oh, they’re not what they used to be, they should stop it”…then don’t
fucking watch it.

John SuperDude says:

Remember the time when the Simpsons used to be good

I am Groot. says:

Is it just me, or is the show not all that bad…?

Nancy Spungen says:

Am I really the only person here who liked this video, and still likes the

AntonNZL says:

Does anyone else think its time for the simpsons timeline to move foward?
Maybe put Lisa and Bart in highschool, and Maggie in school. Just a

Matthew Trotman says:

I watched it on Netflix . True story . 

Zhake says:

I’m just here for the song.

Eoin Maguire says:

The Simpsons Breaking Bad themed intro from the episode “What Animated
Women Want”. It’s pretty funny.

J Raven カラス says:

The last part killed me.

Eletrônicas BR says:

qual é a musica?

nicbenskychase/VIDEO GAME WOLF PRODUCTIONS says:

*Some other show makes a reference to a recent movie or show
Woah lol so.funny
*simpsons references a recent movie or show*

Prime Mondo says:

If this amuses you, you’re very easily pleased. RIP The Simpsons.

kory stephens says:


Zully Quiroz says:

I like this cover The Simpsons Breaking Bad ★★★★★

picklickwick says:

Wtf is breaking bad?

Nabuto14 ( las crónicas de Filipo ) says:

0:52 best part 

waterfieldV says:

like The Flintstones and Happy Days before it, The Simpsons best days are
well behind it.

Scott Boudreau says:


Jayach02 says:

Lionel Hutz as Saul Goodman

123yocheckit says:


Sgt.Workem says:

“They’re rocks, Homer”
“Not they’re minerals, jesus marge”

Neviem says:

Episode or only couch gag ?

Scott Phree says:

Breaking Bad Couch Gag

Danny Kowalski says:

There was no need for Homer to be in this skit, just felt added on.

Saif Riahi says:

The Song is : Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion

Pedro Valentin says:

The Simpsons Breaking Bad themed intro from the episode “What Animated
Women Want”. It’s pretty funny.

picklickwick says:

Wtf does this have to do with a couch?

RFE says:

I dont even think the voice actors give a shit anymore. Its just like
cashing in their pension. 

Andrew Shuboy says:

The best part was Walt and Jesse at the end

Adam Wagner says:

HI im troy mcclure. you might remember me from the time the simpsons used
to be funny

Bajan Junior says:

The Simpsons Breaking Bad themed intro from the episode “What Animated
Women Want”. It’s pretty funny.

GlitchyShadow137 says:

This is the best Couch Gag

ALE280290 says:

The final part is the best 3:)

fede mona says:

This is one of the funny scenes in the show since 1999! I love this ahah!

FrIdAyNiGhTsLaG says:

What season and episode was this?

xLiLxGaMeRz x says:


kingFIKOLA TV says:

what is the songs name

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