This Is 40 (2012) Bloopers Outtakes Gag Reel

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New & extended Bloopers, Outtakes and Gag Reel from This Is 40 (2012)

A look at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after the events of Knocked Up.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Judd Apatow
Cast: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, Jason Segel, Megan Fox
Studio: Apatow Productions

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Young King Charles says:

Jesus christ megan fox is gorgeous.

Untouchable says:

F**k all the scenes, I just came to see Megan Fox.

gtarules1 says:

3:00 is what you came for!!! Megan Fox’s boobs jiggling! 

XrGrimreap3rX says:

3:00 I would be willing to pay millions just to do that. :D

Movie Bloopers & Making of says:

Check out some really HILIARIOUS bloopers from This Is 40 !

jaylecia davila says:

that scene with Melissa McCarthy is amazing. She stays in character the
whole time! No matter how much they laugh. LOL she is awesome.

Damian Reloaded says:

Oh God the first two minutes, I’m crying! X’D

LA X says:

Melissa McCarthy, simply a brilliant scene, a great actress.

Jazmine Lloyd says:

‘Everyone hates you and your f*cking bob!!’ Killed me!! 

aymen lemone says:

press nr.5 and klick ones to the left.
thank me later 

sultanabran1 says:

i just wanted to see leslie mann feel up megan fox’s boobs.

jordan kruger says:

god, damnit Jill!

Dean Lemperis says:

megan fox laughs like an idiot

mrnyc220 says:

I love it and I am glad your husband died LOL LOL

super mouse says:

Melissa literally stayed in character through the whole thing so gooood
she’s hilarious 

Edward Mynning says:

That woman in the first scene was f****** awesome! I laughed so hard! For
the guy that wanted to see Megan Fox, go f*** yourself you’re a retard!

DeSheon Watkins says:

3:00 Her tits are perfect not to big or not to small just the way I
love’em…I just want to suck on them all day long.

rvmvadati says:

I’d sure like to bend her over the barrel and show her 50 states!!!

mark lunsford says:

I swear to god I haven’t Cried and Drooled laughing so hard in my life at
the office scene

savagenature1 says:

Now I’ve REALLY gotta see this movie

♥Ashluv085♥ says:

“Your a f*cking asshole, everybody f*cking hates you, They hate your
f*cking bob…And i’m glad your husband died. Cause your a f*cking asshole
and he probably killed himself! I would…kill myself! I would kill myself
jill” That part had me on the floor. lmaooo. She stayed in character the
whole time. IS she even scripted? How does she come up with these things.
lmfaoo while everyone else is just dying in the back ground. No way in the
world i’d be able to do a scene with her.

EatMyBladez says:

came for Megan fox but I found green day

AesopsRetreat says:

Apatow is the foulest asshole putting sewage on TV where he knows kids will
see it. Look at the lines actors are allowed to speak to kids. And the
lines kids are allowed to repeat back. I wouldn’t doubt this prick Apatow
mentally molests his own kids.

Rorino T says:

I bet at 4:11 he messed up on purpose a shit ton of times.

Michael Wible says:

press the number 5 on your keyboard, this is why you came.

William Cruise says:

Melissa McCarthy is as painful to watch as Rebel Wilson.

TheFunkhouser says:

that first one was GOLD! HAHAHAA

nicholas pew die pie says:

why did i watch this o god that last blooper though 

Marilyn Cal says:

Laugh a lil

sydbarrettmadcap says:

that melissa mcarthy blooper scene is funnier than that whole movie. 

DrPTheBaSs says:

You’re welcome :)

♠ LeNoif ♠ says:

2:59 I’m not gonna fucking lie, I stared alright?

Leslie Diaz says:

Melissa McCarthy is brilliant!

Chancho says:

The beginning with McCarthy I laughed so hard I gave myself a headache. 

leonskennedyrocks says:

dear god, i only watched Megan fox’s boob juggling scene like 45 times…..
I must be gay.

JRZE _ Gaming says:

So if you’re an actor in those kinds of movies, you can grab other womens

Michael Ziegler says:

We all came for Megan Fox. Even the Megan Fox haters came for Megan Fox.
Don’t deny. 

VortalexTheDruid says:

2:01 this was funnier than the actual scene

Courtney Beam says:


Travis Krueger says:

This was better than the movie.

m0nkEyz100 says:

That fat chick at the beginning suck ass and is not funny at all XD

Eric Clark says:

i can look at those every day for the rest of my life

Tatoke kokipa says:

Damn her boob are like heaven, i cant stop thinking about them 00:02:59:00

Kathryn Richardson says:

4:28 kept spitting in her eww

Thomas Tsai says:


WhatAZebra says:

Only watching this because the thumbnail

IlinaGames says:

+MissPolished Pink the first scene XD

Rainbow Dash says:

I fuckin hate that actress at the start on the right side of the guy she
plays in terry or whatever and I cant stand her and wish she would stop
acting because she is not even remotely funny and I cant stand her voice,
she gives me a migraine

Ownography says:

It’s not funny if you have to swear so much.

One Smile At A Time says:

Oh man … Im in tears.

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