Top 10 Funny Minecraft Videos Full Length HD 2012

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1# Noob Meets Pig 0:17
2# Minecraft After Hours 3:05
3# Weenie Genie 4:13
4# Zombie Steve 7:08
5# A Normal Night In Minecraft 8:46
6# Admin and EVE 10:12
7# Minecraft Newbies 15:25
8# Herobrine 17:43
9# 2 Friends Play Minecraft 22:08
10# Getting Wheat 26:04


Hope you like them xD


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Ben Horwood says:

Number 9 and 10 are crap 

Vanessa Thomas says:

Stop putting bad words

Bonnie Sias says:

Poor poor Betsy :l

Alana Roman says:

Omg I love 6

support guy and his m249 says:

Misleading title, some of these aren’t even ment to be funny 

Min Zu says:

At 13:30 Sky is hilarious!!

SpringTrap # Awesome says:

Omg 123 is awesome lol

Dillon Moresco-cocking says:

on admin and eve i love it when the zombie leans over him and he says:shit
kicks him and lands on the other guy and he shouts: OH SHIT LOL

Little paws 9 says:

I like 1, 2,3,6,7, and 8. Here’s a quote from one of them anyone know it?
(What’s a griefer)

Razor Fang says:

1:38 – OOOOOOO!!!! That villager snap!
Also 24:32 That poor sheep. :'(

Toby Wolf Productions says:

My favorite was 6 it was made by my favorite youtuber mlgHwnT and it came
from the series wild adventures

Irisheep0 says:

Ive seen seven TONNES of times, AND it was in RUSSIAN!!!!! I know russian

Laila Priester says:

9:36 gangnem style animal edition XD

Norbert Tran says:

The 8th one i say it’s funny

MooshroomMan does Minecraft says:

Poor Betsy!

alan beales says:

Admin & eve was the only funny one

Sharon Cavanagh says:

not even funny

Romaneo Kalidien says:


Alicia Holt says:

Lol I like hwent one

Valerie Perez says:

number 8 kinda scared me

Yorugami says:

Honestly speaking, these are kinda the most boring minecraft vids youcould
find. Sorry, maybe it’s just me. Apart for number 7, the rest was, well…

Hagen Dunn says:

Julia Zamiara says:

number 10 sucks ass

Bendik Lorentsen says:

You trow me away like a Norwegian taco stand.
wow Hwnt

Dawn Wright says:

love your server amazing details!

Nikky Ocasio says:

A normal night at minecraft suck it was a crap

karellano1983 says:

OMG………….ARG is on here

Leasly Mendoza says:


Justin Nguyen says:

Your a noob noob head

TDG [Gaming] says:

Who sees Herobrine next to the tree on number 8

Jonah Round says:

5:05 is the funniest

TheBoydtribe6 says:

These videos r so funny! :)

CookieCrafts says:


Nichole Martin says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Casey gomez says:

The last one sucks 

Hector Pagan says:
blanca lopez says:
Tobin Kushnir says:

8 is hr

Connor Donovan says:

Why would anyone even put themselves through watching the first 7 seconds
of the last one? As soon as she blinks her eyes way too slow you know it’s
gonna suck

kaichadee says:

devil woman

karellano1983 says:

When the pig jump off cliff he should of said ……..Y.O.L.O

Shauna Tippins says:

Some of the video are scray like the herobine one

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