Top 10 Funny Monkey Videos Compilation 2014 [NEW]

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Victoria Friedensberg says:


KeyWestBluesX says:

that monkey being taught to smoke and drink shows that humans truly are a
disgusting race. 

Victoria Friedensberg says:


Victoria Friedensberg says:

Danke Dir liebe Gerhard. L.

payton Blankenship says:

I’m assuming that all of you bitching about how morally wrong this is,
doesn’t have a dog, cat, bird, fish, or any other animal right? Because
training animals and loving them as your own is so wrong so let’s not do
what humans do and have pets…I didn’t see one time that any of these
animals were in danger and they all looked healthy to me. A little beer and
lighting someone’s cig isn’t any worse than people smoking everyday outside
in the clean air and factories polluting the air. Or driving a car and
using hairspray. So shut the hell up

Victoria Friedensberg says:


Annette Franke says:

poor creatures. they all should be out in the forests

gil rossini says:

awful videos of humiliation..should not be allowed on here!

Maribel Romero says:

Very good…:)

Mariah Lightfoot says:

it’s like planet of the apes. only cuter.

ravi shankar Ravi says:

Top 10 Funny Monkey Videos Compilation 2014 [NEW]:

MyJacky666 says:

Almost all of these monkeys are simply there for human entertainment, this
is wrong and not funny in the least. Those baby monkeys? Their probably
orphans or worse their mothers were killed and they were taken. I’d rather
see them in their natural environment thanks.

65rowan says:

Some of these animals are being used and abused for cheap entertainment by
cruel dumb owners.These monkeys are being sold as pets and their not, It
needs to be stopped. These animals are being placed in the wrong hands who
don’t give a crap about the well being of these beautiful animals that’s
for sure. 

Janet Jane Perico says:

Awwwww.. Cuteeeeeee! I want to kill your cuteness mumff! I want monkey pet

Adithya Attanayake says:

I don’t get why the first one was funny it was disgusting seeing those
people teach the monkey to smoke and drink 

summer fields says:

Okay where was the “man” monkey on the Thumbnail with the gianormous
nuts!? lol You know you couldn’t help but notice that too! Come
on…admit it! ;)

Jonas Poulsen says:

why the fuck does a monkey drink beer and smoke? really some sick shit
there and whoever did it should be in jail

fmg92jr says:

I can’t enjoy these videos because of all of the cunts in the comments
section just looking for something to be offended by.

x Await says:

Whats the outro music

edie sheridan says:

What monkey see,monkey do. I wish people would leave hem in their own world
to their own devices and stop putting nappies on baby monkeys. I think its

aBang Soerya says:

Just relax….! L O L

Ruski Ryan says:

Why do stupid idiots try and make Monkeys wear clothing, drink and smoke?
leave them alone, let them live free where they belong, they are not little

Harry Nguyen says:

amazing monkeys are so damn smart

Ay Hole says:

why do Americans always call apes “monkey”… it’s not that hard a

Akki Kimathi says:

All animals should be released from captivity of the manipulative and
controlling Humans, other than that this a beautiful video!!!

Goto Sleep says:


apexxy says:

That vending machine one is everywhere.

Taylor Perry says:

Haha, the monkey is like “BITCH! Gimme my drink!” xD

Κατε. ρινα' says:

The first one is so fake..He gave to his monkey to smoke and then he just
smoke it by himself? The same one that the monkey had to his mouth?I’m
pretty sure it’s a man wearing a monkey-suit.. 

Noelia pineda says:

Los animales, como 100pre cojen mas diciplinas que algunas personas.

Michael Ström says:

Yea, very funny to post a video with compilation of animal abuse. How fun
do you think it is for the monkey in the cage without any
space/family/toys? He’s sitting on the bar. Very comfortable, really. Wow.

Carol Nickell says:

Oh by the way, these chimps/orangutans are not monkeys they are primates.!

Waili Manu says:

No tiene ninguna gracia. Es más: me molesta que se trate así a los animales
y más aún a los primates que son más inteligentes. Me niego a verlo entero.
Y si todos nos negáramos a verlos dejarían de hacerlos. 

Seahawks 4 Life says:

Monkeys are funny

Jessie Nicholson says:

These are innocent creatures and people to find this funny have no
conscience to the creator or respect to creation.

John Longneck says:

If i had a pet chimp i would give him weed to smoke.

Derpytaco227 says:


Stefan Lorengel says:

And what exactly is funny when idiotic humans treat sentient beings in such
a horrible way?

snowowl77 says:

For those of you who are always bashing the human race: GO HANG YOURSELVES!
That way, when you look into a mirror, you won’t have to look at that ugly
human staring back at you.

Sparkle Girl Sophie says:

No offense but the 1st video is absolutely horrible, the monkey was
drinking beer out of a bottle and the man put a cigarette in its mouth and
if you didn’t notice,he give the monkey the box of cigarettes.

Nancylee Berman says:

OK many of them are NOT monkeys. Gorillas, chimps and orangutans are not

squishy yo 99 says:

1.18 the monkey was sooo cute

Ute Rie says:

not funny at all. gar nicht lustig, alles missbrauch

Zappeds says:

At 1:43 seconds that us just cruel 

Julissa Danglade says:

I will have to get an chimpanzee its so cute awwwwwwwwwwwww
Love it a lot

Loyd anonamous says:

I never knew monkeys were such clean freaks 1:55

Alina Herd says:

I liked this video some of the monkeys/ orangutans 

Eric Nielsen says:

The first one is not a monkey, it is a chimp, which is a part of the ape
family. The rest are monkeys. Monkeys aren’t as intelligent as apes.

Robyn Grice says:

Yeah but keywestblueX you are a fucking human

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