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P.O. Box 386
I.R.B. FL 33785
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96jnb says:

Smart ass cops calling people “retards” are the reason why they get a bad

Snorks Schaefer says:

I think that most people don’t realize the severity of the police state we
are living in today, this video is a testament to that. But it is harder to
miss in a video with a light-hearted humorous side.

Cops are all assholes. Their job is basically using the threat of deadly
force against mostly non-violent and unarmed people to extort money from
them, control their behavior, harass them, throw the in cages, and enforce
arbitrary commands of their political masters that have nothing to do with
morality or right and wrong. All at the expense of their neighbors. Every
time you interact with a police officer (or policy enforcer as I call them)
they are prepared to kill you for non-compliance. Meaning if he hands you a
ticket because your tail light is out, he is saying that he is ready to
kill you. If you don’t pay his masters that fine, he will use the threat of
deadly force to throw you in a cage. If you resist their initiation of
violence in self-defense for refusing to comply with their orders, you will
be killed and he will walk away free. Look at Eric Garner who was killed
for selling loose cigarettes. He wasn’t causing anyone or anything damages,
yet he was killed for resisting their self righteous violence. What kind of
person would sign up for that job? An asshole.

The only kind of people that a job posting like that would attract is a
sadistic, egotistical sociopath who is okay with threatening, and often
killing, people without moral obligation to do so. Cops very rarely act
upon any morals, they act upon what is legal and illegal instead of
thinking for themselves. There are three mindsets that people have in
regards to violence. The first is my mindset which is “No one has the right
to initiate or use violence, except in defense of property and life and is
morally justified in doing so.”. Then there is the people who believe in
government which is 90% of the world “No one has the right to initiate or
use violence, except for the government because someone wrote it down on
paper and called it a law, regardless of morality.” Then there is the third
kind which is basically all politicians, cops and government agents “The
subjects don’t have the right to act in self defense against the violent
threats we declared to be law.”

This video clearly demonstrates that. Cops act as judge, jury, and
(especially as of late) executioners. Instead of reacting to their jokes
like a rational, non-sociopathic, egotistical airhead, they threaten to
throw them in jail. They make sure to let everyone know who is boss, and
that they will not tolerate any tom-foolery, especially when it mocks their
supreme authority. The lady cop said to the one guy who didn’t have I.D.,
“You just walk around with no I.D.?” as if everyone is supposed to carry
identification with them at all times so the government can monitor,
control, tax and regulate everyone and everything at all times.

Here’s some facts for you all. Cops kill over 200 innocent people per year,
meaning you are about 29 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a
terrorist. They kill an additional (estimated) 600 non-violent
offenders. Only about 500 cops die per year, over 80% are just in car
accidents, 75% of those accidents aren’t even in a chase. Statistically,
every time you encounter a cop, you are more likely to be killed than they
are. Also, mechanics, construction workers, taxi drivers, pilots, garbage
collectors, firemen, loggers, fishermen, electricians, truck drivers,
roofers, and gas extractors are all between 5 to 20 times more likely to be
killed on the job than a cop. In fact, in 2013 we had the lowest rate of
law enforcement fatalities in the last 6 decades. And the lowest number of
police being killed by firearms since the 1800’s. Our incarceration rate is
listed at 505 per 100,000 residents. But they exclude juveniles, people
held in U.S. territories, military prisons, and marshal services. All
included, we have a rate of about 730 per 100,000 residents, making us top
the charts for highest incarceration rates in the world. The last time an
industrialized nation saw this kind of incarceration rate was Nazi Germany
by the late stages of WWII. With a mere 5% of the worlds population living
in the U.S., we hold a staggering 25% of the worlds prisoners.

And since when did “Serve and protect” turn into “Make sure I get home
alive” for cops? When did “Peace Officers” become “Para-military Policy
Enforcers”? How is it heroic to start shooting at unarmed people? Wouldn’t
the real hero actually wait until his life is actually in danger to kill
another human being?

Despite all of this information, the federal government is using money it
extorts and steals from us to purchase $80 billion worth of tanks, battle
rifles, machine guns, body armor, shotguns, grenade launchers, hollow point
bullets, grenades, and military equipment to give to police departments all
throughout the U.S. Something is seriously wrong with this picture,
especially when the president that arranged this transfer said “Weapons of
war do not belong on our streets.” when talking about the citizens rights
to own guns. In other words “You guys don’t have the right to defend
yourselves or own weapons, only we do.”

Something is awry. Everyone knows our government is questionable, but few
dare to ask the questions. I think most people are too afraid to know the
truth or even acknowledge the problem.

epicgamming723 says:

That cop at the end, if she called me a retard I would get up and walk
away, say fuck you bitch. 

Mstroza99 says:

The last cop needs a good dick in her

Scott Suther says:

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I███████████████████] against Google+! Copy & Paste
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TigerTheGamerGirl says:

My brother’s friend was driving out to the skate park with a few of his
buds when a cop pulled him over. For some reason they were doing a “Random
safety check” . So, they were searching through his car and pulls out this
bag of weed. He swears he never had any weed on him or has never done any
drugs before. He’s a good kid and ik that. He and his friends all say they
watched the dumbass cop plant that shit in his car. He got fined a shit
load of money. Some cops need to tone the fuck down, who the hell would do
something like that?

caustic narcotic says:

See America is a free country, If you notice there is No Chinese
counterpart, they would be arrested, tortured and killed immediately and
exterminated like vermin. The police might even stomp on your face and then
rape you with a baton before killing you. Yeah that’s Communism. America
isn’t perfect and we have atrocities such as Black Friday but its a 100X
better living in shitholes such as China.

GermanKraut says:

You are NOT allowed to film people in public.

Hey, why dont i smack you in the face, film that, and load it up to
youtube. Humiliation without end.
Im allowed to film people in public places, arent i?

danermanerkider says:

Asshole cop has a bitch attitude and insults people
Wonders why people hate them and call them pigs.

Not all police officers are bad or fucked up, but that last bitch clearly
was, and the guy was really cool. Proof that not all police officers are
assholes. That lady just adds to the bad stereotype cops carry now, thanks
to cops like her.

Lee Jackson says:

i’ve never met a cop that wasn’t a bullying cunt. ever. male or female.

Aero says:

You actually can’t record audio of people in a public place without there
permission. Sucks. You can still record video though.

Strong Bad says:

I hope that corrupt asshole the lied about recording in public dies. People
like this is exactly why we need to be able to record police at all times.
You should have demanded his badge number (ALL cops have to disclose this
if you ask them) and then reported him.

Simon Stone says:

that last cop is a fuckin terrible cop you don’t call people retards you’re
supposed to serve and protect not be bullies

Alex Reents says:

woman cops just trying to prove a point 

Cameron All says:

If a cop called me a retard I would not just sit there and take it, that is
extremely offensive towards some people. I would have honestly gone off on
her for that, props to him for keeping his cool. 

Gamer Weasel says:

That one cop that was angry… Was that Sergeant Deborah Morgan?

David Kos says:

In USA you cannot drink alcohol on public… omg. Its freedom and
democracy? Its dictatorship! Police nation. I hate goverment of USA…

jay bull says:

thats the difference between UK and USA in the UK the police cant call you
a fucking retard and still be a police officer the next day…… they also
cant shoot people 

Oliver Wiggins says:

Here in the UK, whilst a fair few cops would be a bit sour about people
pranking them and wasting their time, the vast majority of them would leave
it at “stop wasting police time” because we don’t let them get away with
making up the law as they go along and threatening us with imprisonment for
next to nothing. Americans would do well to put pressure on government to
crack down on this kind of behaviour from law enforcement. 

Ben Bridges says:

Lol “Don’t give me an attitude retards!” What a fukin bitch

ShadowⓋ says:

Pure harassment, calling them “retards”. That’s a blatant discriminatory
of pigs lose their jobs.

Robin Banks says:

Pranking the Police is like having salad cream with custard!


Get stoked for some of the best pranks to date in the near future!!!
I love you all, thanks for watching!

Hasim Verty says:


Aaron McIntyre says:

I gate when cops get prank and instantly arrest you or give you a ticket
like they are to much of a higher up and cant take a joke

Patrick Beglane says:

Actually you are allowed to film police at any time, don’t let them push
you around.

Nathan Masters says:

You can’t drink in public? You can’t record audio of random people
speaking? Yet you Americans never shut up about your “freedom 

LegendMuscle says:

that girl cop probably wanted the d

Julian Shu says:

It’s kind of more awkward to pretend to have sex with a float that really
having sex

Vasja Pupkin says:

Ok so 7:40 what in heaven right does she have to detain these kids after
realizing they are not doing anything illegal?

Pac says:

Is it in america illegal to drink beer in public ? Her in Germany no cop
would care.

theatlantean3 says:

she looks kind of hot (like the cop in the other video). but man, she has
no sense of humor and is wound up wayyyyy too tight. if she had the
personality of the cop who had the sense of humor, she would be a lot more
attractive. i like how defensive she got lol. some people just can’t stand
losing. they’ll take it to the farthest extreme possible to turn it around.
that’s why these types of people become cops. they lost their whole life,
so they feel they can have some power now that they have the badge. not all
cops are like this. i know several who are really cool. but these types
need to relax.

lucas coder says:

last i new i dont thinks can talk to you like that file a law suit xd 

FiftyFour Suwus says:

stop doing compilations and top 5s, or top 10s, or best of

do some new pranks, unsub’d

Joshua Forter says:

I wonder what would happen if a group of black guys tried this. Genuine
question. I wonder if the cops would still be so cool and laugh at

joydivsion77 says:

The longer you’ve been a police officer, the more you let things go. Young
cops will bust any and everything. Trust me ;).

Tristin Smith says:

Seems like female cops have to compensate with a big attitude

Cheezyteague says:

You can legally film then without permission

slikfang says:

Sale the new strand “Kentucky Fried Chronic” haha first

David S says:

Can cops cuss?I heard that’s illegal 

Jason Liu says:

The last cop had no right to do any of that. They were not suspected of
committing a crime because they clearly did not have alcohol in those mugs
after inspection. They caused no disturbance, and they were not doing
illegal activities in any way. That being said, she had no authority to
stop them and screen them, they honestly could have walked away and said
they are legally free to go due to lack of suspicion and reason. 

Kragz88 says:

Love you’re stuff bro lol – gota love it when you run into cool headed cops

CoyleDRC says:

well, about the filming thing, yes it is legal to film people in public IF
law states if the video is being used in any “commercial way” you need
written promision to show them ( their face ).. this video is considered as
commercial so it’s technically illegal, if you blur the cops face, it’s
legal, and if someone doesn’t want to be filmed, cop or not, you should
respect that and not film them, I’m a photographer and I post my pictures,
if anyone in the shot did not give me permission, it’s illegal because my
pictures are able to be purchased, you gotta be careful when filming people

Thegood Guy says:

Lol you suck. Can’t think of any new video ideas so you have to re-upload
crap that was hardly even worth uploading in the first place. Quit it with
your gay speeches at the start too, loser.

Dominik Horst says:

Iam impressed that you havent say fuck off to that bitch ass cop blonde
annyoing cop.

Ike Reedy says:

That one bitch is a real cunt

Mazer Gammerz says:

My name is Liam to!

Ethan Corpuz says:

The last one made me laugh because when the guy was interested in the cups
the girl was stunned lololololol

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