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Top 5 Celebrity Pranks Omegle – Funny Omegle Pranks 2015
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AsKaGangsta says:

TOP 5 Celebrity Pranks on Omegle Video

AsKaGangsta says:


Tomislav Artz says:

you took some of my favorite videos/reactions 🙂 

sebastianus harvey caesar says:

Aska please next video is Gay prank!! thats so funny as helll!! Please

Aedem Bangerter says:

Under 301 club, kool kool

PetrosComedy says:

Omg Miley Cyrus 😀 Dat kids :D

sam poo says:

Omfg! That was amazing, you’re a beast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Natálie Lauberová says:

U made my day! 😀 

Pervert Pete says:

Justin Bieber is sexy #nohomo

Dias Aidossov says:

I love u

EgoCZ says:

u are great man :D

Shrek The Ogre says:

Are you a fan of Chicago bulls or are you just wearing the hat to look

Best Pranks TV says:
bobylopo says:

I think I’d give off a better reactions once I realized I was being pranked
by you, haha.

Juan Gutierrez says:

Why the fuck you put Emienm on your Gay ass Video?
I will fucking track you down

dominic hoag says:

I bet you will reply to me 

Mr McClean Videos says:

Liked and Subbed to your friend :)

Reyen El Hafidi says:

Do more miley Cyrus cause that looks so legit and they got so gassed

Jesus Garcia says:


DovisLTU LTU says:

Hye aska you probobly alerday sayed to pepole but where are you from cuz
youre some words that are like mine like Kurva xD iam from lituhania

TheRealEJIT says:

Thanks Bro I appreciate the shoutout :)

Erasich says:

You should have that hat more often bro, looks sick

Александр Назаренко says:

Привет бро!) Крутые видео, продолжай в том же духе)

DJ Moshi says:

AsKa you should do a Markiplier prank

Tyrant Gregcag says:

I knew it! I knew what #1 was gonna be lol. Great vid, by the way :).

Wolfnik says:

Ur a bulls fan?! AWESOME

ItsCChoas says:

Why don’t you show your face instead of wearing that stupid shit on your

Jovan Tadic says:

50th like

Phosporen Briggs says:

Aska how amma I supposed to click there if i am on ios help me ;/

Fatty Army#1 says:

3 min´s ago Iam in omegle.. and i see fat man with big dick xDDDDDDDDDD

Maksim Channel says:

Are you doing a live stream today

gatchaman b says:

That vid was the shit bro!

Mohammed Mahmood says:

Which Wrecking Ball Remix was that??

BANG SA says:

u gangsta ass mother fucker!!

minerbroEDI says:

Are you a real Gangsta ? Wit dem monay and guns breh 420 blez it fam

cha5cha5cow says:

Hip to the hop to the hip-pity hop

FreeqZ says:

So Nice bro :)

DAN Play says:


Suzan Akdogan says:

Lololol the girl actually thought it was Zayn Malik haha! Great video man!

Luis Olvera says:

Not funny blood

BrickNSparkS says:

I wish I could dress and be cool like you but i’d get shot,

with to many cameras.

OPtical Gamer says:

Whats the wrecking ball remix song name?

christian stefan says:

Could you somehow show us the reaction when your friend finds out he has a
lot of likes

Akma Haziq says:

+AsKaGangsta do a video about me

GreenCandyGaming says:

Love your vids! FAP POLICE 4 LIFE!!!!

Ronnie Laniohan says:

Yo ASKA ur the bomb bro i loved the miley one they left once they saw yo ur
funny af

jesus miranda says:

Ayy that’s a cool hat 

Magnom1997 says:

The music ?

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