TOP 5 PRANKS GONE WRONG – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks on People – Hood Pranks – Public Pranks 2014

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Prank & Pranks gone wrong…top 5 pranks gone wrong – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks on People – public pranks 2014 – hood pranks ➨ If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe ➨

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TOP 5 PRANKS GONE WRONG – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks on People – Public Pranks 2014 – Hood Pranks

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caroline hughes says:

u guys fuckin weird as hell sayin OMG why blacks are so violent ! srsly??
so if a random dude asks if he can touch ur girls boobs, or puttin some
shit in smb’s water that after they feel bad its so bad to hit this person?
ppl defend themselves hello! how the fuck they should know its a prank. i
agree the knive shit was way too much but not the rest

SoFloComedy says:

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XaviMas says:

OMG you black people are so stupid! Then you say not to be racist bla bla
bla. But you are like animals! Where’s your fucking sense of humor? I’d
have laughed and i’d have given him an high five! Come on, whats wrong with

Swastik Casey says:

It’s not that black people are violent, it’s just that white people are

GB go says:

black people think they r strong but they r not :/

Karen Aguayo says:

These guys deserve every beating they get. And it wasn’t that hood, anyway.
They wouldn’t have made it out in anything but a stretcher. How stupid and
desperate for money are they? One day they are gonna come up on the wrong
dude and he isn’t going to care that it’s a prank and he’s being recorded.
But, then again, when they get shot that will make for the biggest rating
they’ve had to date! So keep it up guys. Money is everything, right? Until
you’re dead, anyway.

CombatArmi says:

FUck this aggresiv overextending black guys wow…. a knife really….

Don't diss my Rabona says:

Fucking black people… Shouldn’t even be in these sort of countries.

Miya Kipp says:

I’m black and I just want to say to everyone that is commenting about how
blacks aren’t civilized, what’s wrong with them, black people are violent
yada yada yada, don’t stereotype from this video that the entire black race
is like these hood people. If you did this to a hood white person he would
do the same thing to you. White ghetto people are just as so called
“violent” as the blacks are. Even though I am black I am very civilized.
Ghetto black people disgust me because it makes our race look bad. No one
will look at the good the black race has done, only the bad. I want to make
a difference because I am in college right now and many of my friends say I
am a white girl trapped in a black girls body, but that’s not true, I am a
black girl who knows how to be a great individual and who doesn’t fit the
criteria that you all deem to be in everyone of us. My family is filled
with CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, nurses, who do nothing but help others…so
next time travel the world and meet every black person in this world before
assuming such crap.

SoFloComedy says:

We’re giving away a camera, headset, glasses and a computer!

Charlie Gold says:

seriously wtf is wrong with black people ?


Yo this is entertaining to watch but Ima admit you all are playing with
fire going in the hood

ⓡⓐⓨ ⓓⓔⓢⓢ says:

Can some one please EXPLAIN what the fuck is wong with black people. Every
time I watch one of these pranks you always see a black person resort to
violence for no reason what so ever. #putallblacksinjail

sam ben says:

Stupid ass niggers better get off the land we whites own. They better be
appreciative they not in Africa. Niggers.

Isaac Parks says:

*There is no excuse for the people being ‘pranked’ to harm to the
pranksters.* The pranksters are not showing aggressive or threatening
behavior, even though they are being annoying SOB’s, and the people
throwing punches are *completely in the wrong*. It doesn’t matter how good
of an excuse you think you have, unless you are physically assaulted and
need to defend yourself, you do not posses the right to retaliate
physically. Racism, sexism, and just pure annoyingism, are not cause to act

I don’t care if you’re black, white, orange, green, or purple, if someone
says something that angers you and you physically harm them, *you* are in
the wrong.

Jack Trax says:

I hate the black people. They’re so aggressive


Black people are fucking idiots right?

Luke Peregrine says:

fuck black people idc what u say (not all of them)

Alex Zander says:

fucking niggar at 3.00 with pants down to his knees lol, what a fucking
loser…White America should of killed the blacks years ago, they are just
scum of the earth.

Peter HippyWarlock Milson says:

One of you guys are going to get hurt badly one day and then you’ll be
using valuable Hospital resources or the mortuary, your choice you idiots!

The Movie Bugle says:

To all the people who watched this video and because certain people were
depicted a certain way (black people) means that the 900 million other ones
are exactly the same, here is a message to you: All humans are black, yes
indeed, mind blowing unless you flunked high school (the majority of people
commenting) Actually the first Homo Sapiens who ever lived on this Earth
were black and lived in Africa but Homo Sapiens were faaaar more successful
then their ancestors (Neanderthals, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus etc.)
Because of this success they expanded into Europe, Asia, and even
Australia, however, their skin was only black to protect them from the
harsh sunlight in Africa, so in Europe, Asia, and Australia they didn’t
require black skin anymore because it is not nearly as hot of a climate in
those locations, so after millions of years they adapted properly and skin
color was divided even though being the same species, but because of this
the entire world is either black, or a tainted black, we are all one
species, and even one race. So shut the fuck up we’re all black, you can’t
properly divide a group into a single personality when there is nearly a
billion of them. No, I am not black, I am simply not retarded, I won’t say
I’m smart but at least I’m not ignorant dumbasses like all of you.

markie mark says:

I just dont understand why someone enjoys getting beat up! 

Hybrid215 says:

Its like they want to get hit…

JohnnyCrimson2000 says:

One of these days one of these guys is gonna die doing this stuff. Are
subscribers really worth that much?

rozza30Gaming says:

>tells really racist joke to black man
>black man hits him
>”it’s just a prank”

GetReadyNow says:

Hi, guys. I study english and… my lvl i think is high for me but i did
not understand what was the prankster asking in the first prank. bus and ..
i’ve heard only this or it wasnt it . please help me. i really wanna
understand what it was//

Andrew Hunter says:

I’d suck at pranks cause the second someone hits me its on 

DrFrankn8ter says:

African Americans make up 13.2% of the population of the US
White Americans are the racial majority, with a 77.7%
And the remaining % is other races

African Americans account for about 60% of the people in prison and jail
Now tell me they they aren’t more likely to be violent

~PiZoKick-Video~ says:

No rascisme OK guys? Why do most of black teens or young adults gotta be so
physicly raged

Justin Kirby says:

I hate most of these people commenting!!! Anyone would react like this not
just black people. Seriously ignorance in YouTube comments has gone too
damn far!

Teng Vang says:

How are these pranks even funny? These guys are clearly assholes, and
deserved to get beat. Fucking pricks hope they get shot one day 

RealChineseGuy says:

What does “bust a nutt mean?” and why did they get so pissed about it??

504henrynola says:

if you do this prank to whites we wouldnt act like savage apes. we are

Donald Sexton says:

Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together can tell these pranks are

avda Greenslade says:

these dudes needa get big if they are gonna try troll black dudes with
racist jokes lol

fredior osiris says:

sry i am not english what means bust a nut

Jaacee Moore says:

I think that the people should know who to prank with and who not

Mayank Talwar says:

Is it cause blacks are so fucking ugly and disturbed?

Mikayla Hodges says:

I like turtles… 

HeartlessWhiteTiger says:

9:26 he is like crying liek a girl wha wha plz dont kill me wha wha u big

劉小宜 says:

Beat this movie really makes people evil, is trying to prove?

eugene shane borres says:

i realy hate niggas

Ronnie Guichard says:

The dummest white guys I ever seen really a prank in the hood with odds 10
to 1 with no back up!

Strongkiller12 says:

I’m not against black people, but it think they are too quick to act
violent and should calm the fuck down. Honestly they are not really in the
minority anymore and slavery was over and long time ago, so they should
stop using that as new excuse for the animalistic behavior. They gave
themselves those stereotypes. People give stereotypes for a reason not to
be racist but to describe an experience or multiple of the same occurances 

Cash Johnson says:

Whenever they were doing “Can I throw a punch?” prank. I was proud of that
man who told the other man to chill. He was the first person to get pranked
on the video just so you know.

Ethan Bridges says:

What the hell did they expect telling racist black jokes to black people? 

josh padilla says:

Have anyone of you ended up in the hospital because of these pranks? 

Devin Abdrool says:

U guys needo learn how to fight and quit being a wuss

Khaled Mohamed says:

They deserve every beating they get. That’s ridiculous 

Angela Sladky says:

this motherfckng niggers are only want to hit you in your face with their
black hand. they are so retarded

here is a tip: dont go to niggers!

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