TOP FAILS November Week 4 ★ BEST FUNNY VIDEOS ★ Epic FAIL Compilation 2014

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Noavaileblenames says:

40 seconds and I’m fed up. It pisses me off when people posts videos
littered with commercial and then hides subscribe buttons over the “X”.
Where’s the ban button?

superaids says:

Der Typ am Anfang hat mich gleich überzeugt! Props!

Tony Reynolds says:

Gave a thumbs DOWN ! Couldn’t get rid of the pop-up on top of the screen
! Foreign LOSERS !

John Doe says:

Amazing how many stupid people there are in the world!

ethan199303 says:

Has anyone seen the vid where the guy pees all over an unconscious guy on
the beach? I can’t find it anymore.

allcot says:

I cannot loose the pop up.Forces a click to subscribe.Will no longer watch
your videos,not that you care.

Izzi Michaels says:

the ads over the video are annoying enough to insure i dont come back

Noneofyourbusiness Same says:

Nice clips, spoilt a bit by the immature tit demanding we subscribe every
few seconds.


23:35 no you dont idiot

Coulro phobie says:

i fucking love missleading thumbnails <3


subscribe then unsubscribe . why do you have to put it on the X spot

Raphael Berger says:

Wie soll das lustig sein.
Und es ist immer das gleiche mit den Baggern.
Ich finde es Scheisse.

KodRaiN says:

Russia is such a shithole… I feel sorry for the people there. 

Sean Robertson says:

Those ads are fucking annoying

jana jana says:


gilberto guedes says:


Hulk Roca says:

cuanto suscriptores tiene este tipo?

DJminecrafthead says:

Most of these were Russian

Malek Maijor says:

21:15 nice ass

engineer1569 says:

same as all the other posts, garbage 

James Maze says:

what a fucking dick. you put the subscribe button right over the close
button on that stupid ass next video link. fuck you.

kapitan hak says:

Cool films, many of these I’ve never seen, but too many ads. Films in the
middle, and this big red sign on top with off button covered by another
ad… annoying

Todd Tourville says:

One tiny bit of advice before I like it; either make you logo smaller, move
it, loss it, or make it transparent. It is blocking some of the action and
is distracting. 

Alexia Santana says:

This is painful to watch but I feel their pain I had broke my leg on a gude
so don’t feel bad

aajoeyjo says:

Video ruined. 

BigSmoke Thrash says:

just subscribed after I watched the last video but now I’m gunna
unsubscribe cause you just keep posting the same damn videos…

Icy Shotz says:

6:16 I think she was trying to cook her cat….. Poor cat

Henk Boekholt says:

You have stupid people and stupid people, these are very, very, very stupid

Fckng Insomnia says:

гандон, не возможнсо закрыть рекламу

Umberto Susi says:

Guarda questo video su YouTub

Israphel _ TheCult says:

Well that Anonymous member just failed ( ATLEAST HE TRIED HIS BEST ) hope
it didn’t left a *MARK*

Ермаков Игорьь says:

пидоры ебаные,подпишитесь на мой хуй

Hisham Rashdan says:
Todd Berkin says:

LOL that pic at 0:16 of the broad spread eagled on the picnic table has
been around for years.I had it as a wallpaper at one point. Wonder what she
thinks of the internet making her famous

Robert Ayala says:

Very funny thanks

Aberdeen Madina says:
Andi Stephen says:

At 7 mins 27, the digger driver loses it and he jumps out. THAT is why you
shouldn’t wear a dress to operate heavy machinery….

Hein Thant says:

Check out this video on YouTube:ေအာကား

تميم حمد says:
NeroDeamon says:

i came here for something specific …WHERE IS IT?

MrTrax says:

Why were some of these people speaking different languages but laughing in
English #StayInYourOwnRegion

Dave Gent says:

Yeah not worth subscribing, all your compilations are 50% repeat videos.

Hisham Rashdan says:
dannydaw59 says:

14:09 was the funniest. Human catapult.

Herbert Lehner says:
Kaatraj Ramoju says:

చేలా బాగున్నవి

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