Top Pranks Gone Wrong Almost Died! Compilation 2015 Overreacted on Pranks Almost Died

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Top Pranks Gone Wrong Compilation 2015 Overreacted on Pranks Almost Died, Funny Pranks gone Wrong, Attacking Prank, Heart Attack. Best Pranks that are gone wrong, people almost killing Pranksters, Scary Pranks and funny Pranks.
Best of 2015 Compilation.

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Pranks Gone wrong in the hood, pranksters attacked from people, prankster almost died, farting pranks, can i throw a punch at you prank, taking selfies prank gone wrong, fart on you prank gone wrong and beat almost died, prank gone extremely wrong ocktv, kissing prank gone wrong, do you want a gun prank gone wrong, aggressive people attacking pranksters almost killing them, all these are in this video compilation 2015 for more Pranks & Pranks gone wrong check my other videos.


Intro Song: Uppermost – Born Limitless.
Outro song – Morley & Speo – Hope [NCS Release]

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YesLoLYes says:

Scary Pranks Gone Wrong.

Sgt. Waffles says:


Keith Ickass says:

Why do niggahs in da hood have to be so agressive,yo?

YesLoLYes says:

Top Pranks Gone Wrong Compilation 2015 Overreacted on Pranks Almost Died 

Steven Gale says:

“it’s on camera! It’s a prank!” No. Just because it’s on camera doesn’t
mean it’s a prank.

Ari Rechtschaffen says:

if he broke your phone, then you actually CAN have him arrested. even if
you were taking pictures of him, you are in a public area, and have a right
to press. he could be charged on destruction of property. same thing with
the dude choking you. charged on assault.

Russianvids says:

Pranksters are looking for trouble and they found it. If you disrespect
people expect to get knocked out. 

Michael Grijns says:

all stupid prankers should be shot in the fucking face. That’ll be really
funny. Haha

Isaac Leese says:

Am i the only one who thinks that the pranksters deserve this?

Jason Sewell says:

I wish people would stop doing this. It makes white people think that all

sksk2 says:

Why are black folks so poor and violent? Sheesh..

iBoZzoxX says:

White people are so fucking stupid.

jim jimjim says:

Black people seem to lash out before even thinking. I love it when police
shoot them.

George Prior says:

Yes, they are black. And yes they acted violently. But it is not about the
colour of their skin but where they live. In those neighbourhoods people
don’t take anything from anyone. They are taught to defend themselves or
they will become a victim sooner or later. This dude is just provoking
them. If you live in an area where people carry knives and guns, they are
obviously gonna be on edge a lot of the time. The people in these areas are
still recovering from the racism from the times or slavery and much of the
20th century. It is difficult for them to get out of the situation they are
in as there are too many people in america who are unwilling to employ a
person because of the colour of their skin and where they are from. They
are trapped there. It is racism that leads to this and i have seen enough
racism in the comments.

poppy landen says:

Why are they all black? Not one white guy was pranked

Elric Toro says:

So really…people think it’s ok to randomly prank in public, considering
everything black people went you real expect them to be level
headed about random white people coming up to them doing all of this? Did
you really consider that… if you prank… know what your getting into
because anyone can explode on a prankster.

Manda Boss says:

Of Course is black people always them.. 

PetrosComedy says:

I love your videos This videos from all time.

Trevor Downs says:

I’m gonna fucking kill all gangsters fuckin way they act stupid shits

PenguinsOnABus says:

Why do black people start throwing punches and pulling weapons? At least
let the pranksters explain themselves 

chris dupertuis says:

Ok if you try to shit on me, or put your ass anywhere near me I’m gonna
knock you out…everything else was just uncalled for. “Normal” people
would laugh at it or just say fuck off. 

Divio18 says:

Its just so weird how they are being fucking arrogant and expect nothing
back? When the other person starts being violent they are like ” its a
prank wtf! Ó.ò” like… That doesnt justify everything… Even if its a
prank to fake to fart in someones face its arrogant as fuck they just
deserve punches back

JrSerranoTV says:

Am I the only one that dosen’t like watching “Pranks gone wrong”, “Pranks
in the hood”?

Angel Lau says:

Couldn’t stop laughing at the stupidity these boys why always
target black people and why would you ask for shit like can I puch you.
Obviously anyone would take that the wrong way..dumb ass clearly the boys
didn’t understand the concept of a prank not matter how many times they get
punched..laughed every time they cried out..”IT A PRANK ” 

Kelly Nole says:

Don’t irritate a black person In any way they might punch stab or shoot
you, that’s what this video means. 

Chequebook Chequers says:

They act so cool and then when they show the slightest bit of aggression
cry and when they get hit they replay like five times in slo motion which
makes them look like huge dicks

Mark Woloshin says:

My cousin was in that video

Jacobblockman says:

aaand this is why every race on planet earth hates niggers…wait not just
on planet earth, i bet aliens hate niggers too.

Ernesto Caro says:

Farts in your face,pictures of your gf ass,pictures of u and your
friends,offer a punch,etc what would guys expect people to do ??? If u do
any of these to me I promise I’m gonna fuck u up,not because I’m black it’s
just I believe in respect and these fucking don’t know anything about
it,also,why they don’t do this in their neighbourhood ???

Jordan Armstrong says:

He pulled up he’s shorts for what

peckawoodd says:

I enjoy watching them get hit for acting stupid lol. Even though I wouldn’t
hit them myself they have to understand that they’re dealing with people in
the streets and anything can happen. Props to them for bravery… or

lenard gaffud says:

bruh.. heres some advice never prank a black man especially if he is with
his gang

XxPn2oooxX says:

Why would you get so mad if someone is taking a photo of you…. 1st.. be
sure he IS taking a pic of you… then tell him to delete or you sue him…
😮 NOOO BREAK HIS PHONEEEEE.. btw if it was not a prank and someone was
actualy taking selfies and this happened it would be hilarious..

WJValente says:

Yes, these black people are more like animals than they are human beings,
but these pranksters are just begging for it…

Kate Cloud says:

why would u do this if u know people will get pissed

Maddie Sharpe says:

I love how they only went up to black guys. What a joke

Andrew Osborne says:

it feels like you want to die

cameron baker says:

Blacks think that saying something that sounds wrong that its offensive

Bryan Vega says:

These are the type of people I hate. I hope they get hung by their nose

acetaminophen says:

LAME. These pranks are just racial slur.

anthony riestra says:

what happened on the third one? :/

Johnny Wilkshire says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Gerry Williams says:

one of these motherfuckers gone get killed one damn with this bullshit!!

Shawna Ernest says:

And he does it over, and over. He must like getting his ass beat.

Noodle.2D.Russel.Murdoc says:

Those were some stupid pranks.

B Rhyme says:

Fucking deserve it

Luke Moore says:

You notice that almost every prank that is on here it was to a black person

star gaming says:

I wish one of these fags would prank me I will kill a prankster I got my
gun permit

Andrei Florin says:

how to die like an asshole..

Giovanni Robison says:

The people they prank think there tough but suckerpunch them

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