Truth or Dare – Funny Videos 2015

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xxbublebee123 says:

Fat nerd boy hasn’t came out of the closet yet lol

revenger20012 says:

2:07 blond in the middle .. the most beautiful girl in the world Eyegasm

ricolinuxtutorial says:

k dear readers let’s play truth or dare

jean RENé says:

What a shitty dancer XD

davinhogameprei says:

2:07 i thought her arm was her boob LOL

Doffy says:

Haha moat random thing uve seen today

tony pino says:

Fijne Woensdag groetje van Tony Pino ik ben al bij Reiger (15)
het schiet op zo snel kijk maar naar de Video hij is best leuk

Peter Griffin says:

I cringed when he actually started stripping.. 

dadafoesx131 says:

Listen to DADA FOESX FT. KROC – Ran up a check by Dadafoesx #np on

Shanlie Berondo says:

Those blond were hot.

Chicken XX says:

0:45 Ye ye ye ye like he didn’t want it XD

The Dark Sentinal says:

Why does many Of The BMS stars start with pranking ?

ST9025 says:


Ivan Torres says:

Whats the name of the outro song? 

lakeforest 45 says:

What’s the name of the song I mean at the end 

TheKyleboss1 says:

Watch my first video and comment

UGotAPerdyMouf says:

They need to do more of these

Christopher Jackson says:

Since 7 huh? LOL

Lucas Fernandes Vieira says:

Como vocé tem fala ai

Lawlophile says:

that was good

Jailson Junior says:

nice :D

ShotoShalev says:

אחווה !

Shad Yurchak says:


Duane Washington says:


Jhovany chungata says:


Cory Smith says:


BenevolentSinister says:

Truth or Dare – Funny Videos 2015

Rachel Morris says:

What up dude

KillingSprayGaming Il says:

Israel ftw

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