TRUTH or DARE with Strangers in Public – Pranks on People – Funny Videos – Best Pranks 2014

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The Krispy Kreamer says:

This guy actually made me laugh, not like all the other Cunts with their
“In the Hood pranks”

Ayee Tee says:

@46 seconds ‘no it’s gay’. HAHAHAHHA dude you need all you can get you fat
virgin. lmfao

Pstack11 says:

Actually a goood video!!!

Gol. D Rodger says:

Lool that guy wanted this kiss
Who fights a kiss off like that

Nathanson Spaceshuttle says:

can there be more videos like this one on this channel!?

Squidwards Feet? says:

“Iv’e been ejaculating since i was like 7…”

Abel Abitia says:

That guy who said he’s been masturbating since he was 7 made me die XD

aaron witt says:

the dude wearing the grey gunner jumper is from london, thats how people
from london sound like, not all posh and shit like the wanky queen

Carlos Augusto says:

– “I dare you to let me punch you in the stomach”
– “Go for it”
* Police car appears *
– “Oh shit he’s punching me in the stomach”

Raschid Moudatir says:

Wtf jacking off since 8 years lmao xD

Vibeez says:

Ive been ejaculating since i was 7, i was dead hhaha

James O'callaghan says:

lol at 0:27 perfect timing when you punched that guy on the stomach a
police car was driving behind

Zach Rawiller says:

0:48 he says its gay to do that , but he’s reacting like a gay !

Zachary Adkins says:

Finally a appropriate prank to do with people ^_^ It is also good to see
more good spirited people out there :)

yungstud171 says:

Actually a decent video, do more of these mate

Abdullah Albloushi says:

Yehhhhh!! 5st comment 

Tony Stark says:

This video is better than those pranks in the hood.. its just not good

ResidentEvilGuy says:

truth or dare I dare u to date me right now!! say that!!!

max536drago says:

I don’t ever play truth or dare and neither should any of you. Think about
the possibilities.

zeyvon alves says:

Didn’t see it yet, but how much you wanna bet. I dare you to kiss me….

Yassine - R Bbj says:

nice episode , do it again
moooooooooooooooooooooooore often

Ajwad Sabano says:

Can you make more videos like this?

Drake Winslow says:


Aramis Castro says:

3:09 dexter and hannah? Haha

manuel says:

this was actually funny :D

Pr0J3ctMbc says:

Finally a good prank 

RuggedALAN says:

01:33 Sam Pepper Alert

Joshua C Hargrave says:

Hey Cody ,Truth or Dare. 

justbeinggenuine says:


M4xim R says:

0:33 קעקוע יפה אחווה

SoFloComedy says:

TRUTH or DARE with Strangers in Public – Pranks on People – Funny Videos –
Best Pranks 2014

Y0shee 5 says:

Wooow, Am I the only one who thinks that “Can you sit on my face” is the
most awkward and weird thing ever? 

Abel Ortega says:

You actually make funny videos without the need to be an asshole

mackschaub9 says:

It was good until you let dude sit on your face

Angus Upton says:

I know a 11 year old who goes to my school who smoked weed thinking it was
tobacco stupid 

Mikael 6 says:

This was actually a good video that wasn’t about just disturbing people.

Kudos for that mate.

cyanman123 says:

“I dare you to flap your wings like a bag and stomp like a zombie, all
while singing row row your boat through a car wash!”

Spider Man says:

if you saw this comment and you didin’t like it! i wish PEACE OF YOU!

AkAReflex says:

Can u plz doore of these truth and dare I lmao I really enjoy these

Reid Krausen says:

That girl you slapped in the ass. Damnnnn she was hotttt

Ester Rodriguez says:

Hello that was a good video. # Princess PInk

Justonetime 77 says:

That was a good vid bro. Ejaculating since he was 7yrs old WWWWWTF

AtomicSkittles says:

2:43 WAT 0_0

Corwin Russell says:

everyone watching this video is a fucking cunt!

Kiran says:


Hutton Flores says:

See these are a lot better than “in the hood” pranks. 

ryan eaves says:

Those 3 girls that dared him to strip were hot!

John Rowlett says:

He been jacking off since 7 lonely ig

Abdou Yakuza says:

0;55 not sur if gay or ultra gay 

Anaya bb says:

These are awesome. Make more of these.

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