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I called a short-tempered university student pretending to be calling from the university office. He is extremely angry about being mistakenly stuck with a roommate instead of living alone. I think I only ended up making things worse haha, his reactions are amazing.

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Ownage Pranks says:

GUYS DON’T FORGET- Early bird gets za worm, so hurry up and Like the video
and Share it with your habibis ;D -Abdo

Tony Scott says:

The fucking weirdo douchebag who goes to bed at 10 always graduate with
excellent results and 6 years later the “cool party horse” comes knocking
in offices looking for job only to find douchebag sitting in the boss seat.
it is true

Matthew Santoro says:

Man how do you keep your composure, I’d absolutely lose it. Too funny.

Ownage Pranks says:

Been pumped about uploading this one! Getting this guy riled up was too
much fun lol. Don’t forget to hit that Like button on the video and share
the video with your homies in college! :)

Abraham Lincoln says:

Anyone want to bet that daddy is paying for this brat’s college and room?

BadgerCheese94 says:

Guy sounds like a whiny spoilt bitch. Notice how he starts dropping the
F-bomb early on in the call. Like he can’t fucking have a little class when
talking on the phone to employees who are supposed to help you with your
goddamn issue? Spoilt shitbag. Probably cursed his mom out because she
didn’t buy the right fuckin’ colour car in high school. And I can’t speak
on the roommate and how shitty he is, but seriously, going to sleep at 10
o’clock is not that big a deal, at least not if he has early morning
classes. I have to get up at 6 on Thursdays. Now, I don’t go to sleep at
10, but I should lol

miester rhovanion says:

i peeded my freakin pants!!! that is the funnyest stuff i ever heard!!
………………………….. liked the chinese restaurant too.

Strong Bad says:

All the people who are calling him a whiny bitch or a crybaby are dumb. He
has every right to be upset. He pre booked the room ages in advance, and
some jerkoff just showed up one day and took it, forcing him to live with
someone he had not agreed to.

Worse still, he has to now bend his schedule around this dude because he
needs his beauty sleep. By all means why hasnt the other dude been kicked
out? Why are you blaming the guy that was prepared and pre booked his own
room? Its ridiculous.

Its as if you bought a house, and some dude was just there when you opened
the fucking door.

Jesse Boyer says:

finders keepers and Early bird getting the worm oh man i lost it

Jedi Grand Master Yoda says:

Can someone count the number of uses of the word fuck or shit or dumbass or
any profanity? im going to guess it is over 9000. have fun counting.

maram Senan says:

Who is the third guy wearing a yellow tie and what is his accent 

Rawr McRawr says:

I swear, if you offer me a refund… I won’t take the refund! Understand?

Adam Dymock says:

What’s wrong with going to bed at 10pm? I’m a Uni student and go to bed at
like 9:30 – 10pm lol

Dutery says:

I almost had a seizure when you said “work dem calf muscles when you tip
toe round the room” . like i can’t even express it in this comment how much
i laughed. it would take too many laugh smileys!
:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) best phone prank EVER

Mushmak says:

you would think a college student would be more mature about the situation

Ventrexo says:

His roommate might be actually nice, if he stopped arguing like a whiny
bitch and talked to the guy. Jeez.

Willie Jenkins says:

What a fucking little pussy kid talking tough. Someone is going to punch
HIM square in the face someday when he goes into a tirade against the wrong

Michael-Troy Mitchum says:

*Sounding Official*: “His exact response was,… you snooze you loose.”

Apex Beatz says:

Typical bloody Americans stirring up problems for one small thing. Knobhead
complainers is what they are. The only Americans worth respecting is the
intellect ones who are productive, and not spend their day whining and

Quynh Dao Nguyen says:

Im in highschool and I dont even go to bed at 10

MoeTeeee says:

Guys, you’d be mad too. The guy probably just wanted a room to himself and
finding out that it was given to someone else when he clearly booked it
first is a fucking piss off in my opinion and now he’s stuck with a random
guy (doesnt even matter what the guy is like) I’d be pissed too honestly. 


Why dont u guys show the conversation after he knows he was pranked? I want
to know! 

Brian Sidi says:

This right here is gold.

SilentRageSlide says:

Tip toe yo ass to the door and pick it up. LmFAO

fuzzfizzwizz says:


JamesTavRule says:

His voice is so annoying. I hope there aren’t any Americans in my
university I’m starting next year. The accent just makes me cringe and puts
me in a bad mood.

Lee Pavano says:

I think the guy over the phone just need a nice fucking and asslicking to
make him feel alot better I really want to do this to him

Myles Brown says:

8:05 i lost my shit 

john king says:

damn wtf… i DIED when he said ” on the bright side you will be working
your calf muscles as you tip toe around the room”….

wow…he *SLAYED* him there… i’m done this guys too funny..i’m literally

Eric Swanson says:

I gotta say ownage this has gotta be my all time favorite prank of yours. I
haven’t laughed harder in my life. I lost it when you said tip toe around
the room to work those calf muscles hahahahahaha keep it up my man

Dayton Nation says:

sounds like he said ‘hairy fucker’

Ganesh Ale says:

Fuck that indian boy…haha

djromeboy25 says:

lol how did this kid make it to college he doesnt understand shit 

Daniel Duck says:

lol, thats the first time I’ve ever cried from laughter.

Sabina Zukanovic says:

Sounds like a white folk problem ahaaaa

Gabriella Aji says:

I thought college students are supposed to be well-educated. That includes
the proper manner to use when you’re taking to somebody who is older than
you and is doing your sleeping arrangement, right?
I mean, I get it, he’s pissed. But he shouldn’t be THAT rude about it. He
should really watch his language. I’m a college student as well, and I
never talked to my housing staff like that. Even if there’s a problem.

surg23 says:

How did I miss this one, so damn funny my knee is sore because I slapped it
50 times during the video. 

Dorothy Belony says:

“On the bright side you will be working your calf muscles….. As you Tip
toe around the room”

qubonic says:

I can’t lie I’d be pissed too! But still this is so dam funny!

Russian Patriot says:

I wouldn’t save his ass,from embarassing himself…i think he deserves not
to know it is a prank and goes to talk with the actual manager and gets
his rude spoiled ass embarassed!

Gabor Hooligan says:

This guy was an asshole.

joe cole says:

This kid sounds like a freshman in HS not college 

taeyang says:

he has a point 

Chi says:

I could sympathize with him until he threatened ownage.

Savaran Sardar says:

this guy is really stupid

FrolieTheZombie says:

Going to bed at 10pm makes you a weirdo, good to know.

crazyyafai says:

how many times did this guy say the F word!!!!!!

Mysticpenguin ™ says:

This had me rolling

Krystle Cameron says:

Too funny, love your laugh and your voice…voices…keep up the good work

252Dazz252 says:

7:13 hahahaha

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