Vince Vaughn Gets Pranked

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painiswhatwedesire says:

Damn what a nice guy! So much respect 

Mason Coffin says:

Ellen is a master at these types of pranks.

Amex Gate says:

What a top guy, always nice and even put in a good word when ellen shows up.
Hats off to you Mr V!

E. Ar says:

Vince is such a sweetheart! He actually did try to help her out when Ellen
walked in. Notice how he was actually trying to engage in a conversation
with her by asking her questions too. This prank could have gone a very
different way with a different celebrity…

Leah Michelle says:

this kind of pranks make me uncomfortable haha.

Sky Dalbah says:

Loved how handled this … very nice gentleman.

Claudia Etienne says:

I love that he tells ellen she’s very sweet

Ahmed Nabil says:

He’s not a nice guy, He’s a kind guy.

Cheshire Kitty says:

Great now I have a crush on him. LOL his tolerance and sweetness was too
much xD

Sarah Old says:

I love the second Ellen walks in and he still doesn’t realize it was a
prank, he immediately said “Have you not met this young lady, she’s very
sweet” to help the “intern” out despite her probably being annoying. What
a nice guy

caucasian trash says:

he’s so nice it makes me feel happy

Elizabeth Sabel says:

Oh my god I felt embarrassed for her, but it’s really nice how kind he was
to her!

CaffreyLover says:

Awww he’s such a sweet gentlemen!

OneAndOnlyEmmyGee says:

What a classy guy

olgas movie house says:

Doesn’t really seemed like they pranked him,more like an awkward situation
at best.But yeah he’s really nice it seems!

Riniculous says:

Vince is such a good sport lol

Adrian Gee says:

Hahaha, Vince handled that so damn well!

Shandra Martinez says:

ellen vid…pillsbury…ellen vid…pillsbury ugh

Mia Lentz says:

He’s so nice omg

Trevor Mullins says:

“There’s a place for flannel.”
-Wise words of Vince Vaughn

TheBatman ofSteel says:

I love that VV was so nice to her despite everything. Maybe he could teach
Bruce Willis a few things!

Danny Petkovski says:

Ellen needs to do more of these pranks…so funny!!!

Kendal says:

awww he was so nice to her!!! thats great to see celebrities like that

Rayna King says:

Awww he was so nice to her. What a gentleman. 

ea1740 says:

He’s so nice. He lives a couple streets over from my house and people are
always out asking for his picture, he’s really friendly about it.

leabutcher says:

Poor amy. Haha the things ellen makes her do

toodless1234 says:

please please please do more of these hidden camera pranks!! they always
make my day XD

Jade Row says:

dude he remained nice the whole way through thats awesome way to go vince

CORJIIES935683 says:

Aww, he was actually so sweet to her :)

Ebony James says:

aww love Vince Vaughn! He was very nice! Nicer than most celebs I’m sure. 

TheIcecreamPeople00 says:

I think Vince knew it was a skit. The girl kept grabbing her ear piece. But
pretty good.

Maria Leticia says:

haha he’s awesome

Katie Grooms says:

he is such a nice man! aww. 

happyjojo says:

This gained so much respect for this dude after seeing this…well done
buddy, class act. 

lalarochelle says:

This is comedy torture…

Pat Moran says:

Class act right there. He was extremely nice 

lilschizo says:

That was great! can’t stop laughing!

Oluwaseun Oladipo says:

He’s so lovely 

Jake More says:

what a gent, lovely guy

ChibiChickens says:

So…cringey… Ughghghhhhhhhhh…. ;-;

jehuty2seven says:

Wow, Vince is really a nice guy..

Carlee Trusky says:

Why is the screen black?

Haruhi Walker says:

Dude I have Pirate’s Booty right next to me XD

sawlist says:

Vince Vaughn is so nice! It’s a good feeling to know he kept so calm and
respectful when he came across a “crazy” fan lol. He’s a good role model!
Gives me hope for humans.

syed hamid says:

boring as fuck, 

Shaun Michael Chapman 2 says:

turn around… every now then i get a little hungry!

Tatjana T says:

this never gets old! such a gent!!:)

Jia H says:


The G-Man says:

this is so painful omg

BumbleBee8323 says:

what a nice guy <3
this is soooo funny <3

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