Vine Compilation – January 2014 – Best Vines – Funny Vines

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Hey guys! Best vines , Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

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Emily Henshaw says:


Helen Gonzales says:

2:19 OMG so funny like if you agree

Sherwan Walli says:

My father walked in at 6:54, i switched to porn because its easier to

flame princess says:

1:33 this song is not darude sandstorm, could anyone tell me the real name
of it please?

Ngo Minh Tuan says:

The Titanic one got me. Cant stop laughing now ^^

Josh Boyer says:

what the name of the song @ 6:58 ? :O and i Know its not darude sandstorm ,
😀 Plz and thank you 🙂 

tiffanie irving says:

stop playing my nigga my nigga

mexico grande says:

Funny part was the fat kid dancing not being rude or anything just saying

Kuba Lewandowski says:

I am co,menting

László Holub says:

What music name is 1:33 ? 

Lexie Jacens says:

The was a lot of repeats

Terrion Land says:

this vine is funny

Santiago Bejarano says:

Y DO PLAY THE SAME VINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ian buchanan says:

What up

Destiney Simpson says:

Your best dude I love your vines I wish I can subscribe to you
1,000000000000000 times

Galaxy Bunny says:

Seriously, quit playing the same vines over…

Brooklyn Brown says:

You guys play the same thing over and over again and I am sick of it so you
guys need to stop it before I go crazy! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ezsolutions2 says:

dont sub to him, he just wants more subs

Funny Trio says:


Anania Calderon says:

Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh u guy r so stuid the one that made the vine or
what ever its called

Teresa Blanco says:

yeah u keep on playing the same mother fucking vine dang u should know how
to edit dang

lejoni david says:


Filigakitealoha sauni says:

Haha what does the dog say lol when I saw that I choked on by chetto

vilava games says:

9:32 LOL i cried from laughing 

Cooper Garrison says:

Lol best video I have ever seen

diandra hernandez says:

this made me laugh so hard i ran out of breath

Julia Ripolio says:

Did you give the Xbox one away?

Carrigan Waterhouse says:

I love these vines

juan walker says:

Can I have a ps4 My insta it’s guccijuan21

Surray Houston says:

I’m gonna admit it. I came for the misleading big tits on the thumbnail. XD

Frodo Baggins says:

Are you five? Yeah Five inches deep in your Bum. Dafuq.

Robert Fenton says:

I love your utube vidios there best

osoDaBeast)d-_-b( says:

Dat shytt waz funnie lmfao

Amanda Stampy says:

4:47 I’ve done that before ☺

ty says:

You are Reilly God at this

Chris Morley says:

really fucking good

Mikayla White says:

Lol na where my ps4 

Yesenia Pacheco says:

This vídeo cool

Kendra Dantzler says:

I like the mc Donald’s

Jimmy Odum says:

2:59 doe

Tai Du says:

Digirno Bitch!

Desmond Kendrick says:

They play the same vines

TheLiving Weirdo says:

Boy:I love you, you love me ! Guy:How old are you 5 ? Boy:5 inches deep in
your MOM !
Me: XDDDDD lol no.

Fred Spike says:

Love you vids

Dead Ice says:

Dude your awesome

Miss Maddy says:

The racon one was funny

poppycocki gnoramaus says:

Sweet potato

adam jones says:

12:05 is so funny

Nathan Smith says:

Ha ha hilarious 

Steven Pike says:

I like it

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