WANT A FADE? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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WANT A FADE? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks in the Hood – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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David Medina says:

When the fuck did fade become slang for fighting?!?

Duce Vasquez says:

This shit makes us look so bad smh

CoolDrify says:

Lol I never even knew what a fade meant until now 

Brian Ted says:

why is always picking on black people????

nick hayes says:

to be fair, he does take some hard knocks from bony knuckles.

Ryu Hayabusa says:

Lol. its funny how people always wanna blame black people in the comment

The Hood is like a war zone. the people in it are always on edge because
the weak die in the hood so they don’t play around. but you wouldn’t
understand this simple fact if you’ve never lived the lives they do on a
regular basis. try to look at it from another perspective instead of
ignorantly passing judgement on people you can’t relate too

Tiana V.I.P.QUEEN says:

That shit was funny AF at the end Lil pox get em

LyricalMajesty says:

America: Land of the- actually, let me restart.
America: Slum of the Violent Blacks.
That’s better.

Von'Air Bro says:

I’m African American, and I hate my own kind.
Well, they’re black/niggers, not all African Americans are ignorant as
fuck, so I take that back.

Billy Davis says:

Always a new slang word which is stupid as fuck. The world is getting
darker, you fucking niggers stop fucking girls and having babies, the world
doesn’t need trash….

Justin Liu says:

If YouTubers had cops while they were doing pranks, 20% of the human
population would be arrested

Brittany C says:

Soooooo…. I only thought a fade was a type of “hair cut”… -.- Thank God
for my education. Some people come up with the dumbest lingos, for simple

Groxkiller 99 says:

1.Highlight the numbers
2.Press Ctrl+F
3.Press 9
4.press enter
5. read message>>>>>>>

Fuzzy. says:

And people wonder why people are racists…

Diadlo says:

0:59, 2:00, speed 0,25…
The guy never got hit.
Man, those staged prank ”in the hood” are getting annoying. I’m white,
I’m Canadian and fuck I can say these staged pranks are annoying and are
just reviving the racism.

What the fuck, are you guys getting paid by some organisation for these
”prank” so that racism can live? Or is it just for the views count?

gtergxsxvhjjv says:

Ohh shit!! Oh shit!! Im dying

StepherZ says:

lil pox got a sombrero in his back

Sherwan Kader says:

LOOOOOOOOOOOL 1:59 …. this guy summoned his pokemon to attack for him.
TOO funny!! 

3Crosses-SAVAGE says:

I think the blakc hoods are too generous… If u go to the barrios u gonna
get killed or something 

ProtossExecutor100 says:

Even if someone that scrawny came up to me and said, hey you wanna fight?,
my first instinct wouldn’t be to punch him

deathstar94 says:

Since when does fade mean fight?

Mr. Tomato says:

0:59 Why did u cut the camera off? Oh yeah cuz you probably got your ass
beat some more.

elias hægeland says:

i got a huntsman knife in fade factory

Destroyer 2591 says:

What does fade mean

Alexandros V. says:

Why the pranks are always on black people? Its kinda rascist that in every
video with a fight-prank are always black people.

M James says:

The last part obviously staged lol

Ashton Gardner says:

They dont even say ‘no’. They just start swingin! Seems they rather DID
want a fade.

wutevaidc says:

god watching black people, is like watching monkeys react in a zoo

callofduty gym says:

do black people react violently to everything 

Matty6660 says:

white people wouldn’t react like that

bomsch bomschi says:

everytime those black guys go off they always suckerpunch :D

ArmouredCat23 says:


Melvin Luna says:

People wanna say that its not their fault because thats all they know and
do in the hood.. But who’s fault is it that the hood is the way it is?..
You don’t see other races reacting that way.. If you act like animals then
you will be treated like one.. Its not a race thing

Old Gamer 1489 says:

They use niggers in most pranks these days because niggers are violent and
react out of fear of the unknown. Truly that are animals.

Naruto Uzumaki says:

Every video. Racial commentary. Heres a word of advice; shut the fuck up.

Анара Айдакеева says:

Привет мои английские друзья

DoodieSmoothie says:

0:45 That’s still offensive but okay xD

Groove Hollygroove says:

Am I the only one who was dead at the last one lol lil pop get em 

Dusty Bergeron says:

This is why us white people are still exterminating you less-evolved
niggers. You keep talking back to your white masters and we’ll keep killing
you niggers like it’s nothing. Take Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as
examples you retarded ass monkeys. You don’t belong in this country and you
never will.

KidD GeE says:

The last one was funny

SaberKitty :3 says:

This is why i dont like making human contact, because of stupidity out
there, i just enjoy myself with studies and creating my own things by hand 

Dave Winroth says:

Ohhh shit!

Daniel Litz says:

Blacks, such a violent primitive people.

RichBshine1972 says:

So I’m a little confused you ask people if they want a quick fade expecting
people to fight you and go after you why did you get punched in the face
twice you are dumb 

krj815 says:

I’ve never heard anybody use the word fade to mean fight. Not sure what
part of the country they’re in tho. Different lingo everywhere

James Burton says:

Why would someone just walk up to asking to fight. ..clearly people can be
very ignorant. ..maybe if it was night time in a dark alley n some guy said
that then yeah no I can see that but some random white guy in the day
time…come on people be humans beings n cavemen. ..

DoodleGamer says:

What the fuck man all the time the black people just don’t even listen half
the time, only the first sentence and bang! You’re either dead or on the
floor. White people? Pfft, they’d just ignore you if you asked em for a
fade or push you.

Joe Pesci says:

its funny coz they’re BLACK

Caleb Noobface says:

How do they get hit so much all the time and still stand

Bebe Loco says:

lol, some monkeys will never evolve, Darwin would cry. 

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