Will and Grace Gag Reel || Season 1 to 7

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dru boy says:

DAMN…eric has one FINE ASS!!!!

Largo3point0 says:

Based on these bloopers, it seems McCormack was the funniest one in real

ElevenEleven says:

What episode is Grace falling in the chair from at 46:55 ?

Scott Lyman says:

Debra Messing’s hair is GORGEOUS. 

ficxify says:

Jack: For me, i like the ladies, right bitch?…


Silvia Calzolari says:

I love this show!!! :-D

Nikki G says:

I loved this show and though I wasn’t crazy about Grace ending up with Leo
(what a douche) I thought they told the story from start to finish very
well, it broke my heart when they seemed to have fallen out and so I loved
that their children falling in love brought them back together, it was just
an awesome show and I miss it

Soledad Acosta-Houston says:

That is awesome! Thanks for putting it together. Now, have you ever thought
about doing a compilation of all the crazy dancing? Just sayin’…

alex b says:

After a year, of watching these bloopers, and the realization this was my
favourite TV show in high school, I finally bought the entire series.
8 DVDs for under 90 $(Canadian & including taxes). Good deal?

Pickbox.tv says:

Kada vam nešto ne ide – onda baš ne ide! Obično to tako ide ponedjeljkom.

Pogledajte kako su scene pogrešaka sa snimanja često zabavnije od onih koje
se puste u emitiranje! 🙂

#WillAndGrace #bloopers 

Tito Rinaldi says:


Andy Roy says:

I’m supposed to be quiet right now. I shouldn’t be watching this when I
can’t laugh out loud!!

kistence says:

anyone knows which song is it at 43.50?

Eamonn Flemming says:

Is it just me or is the scene at 21:57 remind you of sarah palin trying to
talk about the economy?

Deni Hatesyou says:

What the hell happened to the outtakes where Grace and Jack are on a couch
and she farts on him? Seriously, makes me laugh until I pee and no one has
it anymore

Jarda Jaroslav says:
1rkhachatryan says:

Lmfao at 9:36!!! I’m dying here lolololololol!!!

Kaare Kramer says:

Jack so funny! * * miss this show

manuiena says:

when I’m sad or mad this make feel really better! miss this show…

Sonia Seaberg says:

That was well done and quite enjoyable…thank you

cluelessbeats says:

This show was so gay

Gieneshio Subspace says:

É realmente uma exxcellente serie, muito nostalgico voltar a ver esses
atores fantastico, uma química perfeita entre eles.

kistence says:

and then at 46.45?

TheDrummerDude17 says:

HAHAHAHA!! I love the quack censor noise at 13:40!! Sounds like he dropped
the F-bomb like a duck! xD

may9950 says:

These bloopers are fucking hilarious!!!

cgreene1000 says:

This is hilarious! It helped me through deployment, especially on those
sad, long days. Thank you!

dallaspolo says:

Still a great show today. So nice to see these actors/actresses having so
much fun together.. I wonder if the still meet every once in a while? I
wish they had good comedy like this today without all the trash and who
cares about the house wife’s of BS!!!

tsu40tm says:

what a great collection, plenty of comedic relief, especially when you know
every episode! Loved the show

DLSea Studios says:

I didn’t know that Megan Mullally threw her voice for Karen! O__O

transcendent23 says:

omg… i need to know the name of the final song… i’ve read all the
comments and no suggestion fits…please someone… 

Bianca says:

Best show ever.. All of them had such awesome chemistry …
Karen is my fav…

Juan Soto says:

Best show ever!

patelkedar says:

23:30 how did those other people not laugh?

jody024 says:

are the gag reels censored by default ?

sophie h says:

yep i just wasted minutes of my life!

Raquel Moreno says:

me encanta la serie la veo todos los dias

czech27 says:

41:18 is one of my favorites

eric442 says:

2:05-2:18, 17:58-18:08, what episodes are these outtakes from?

Brennan Storm says:

Will had sheer improv genius talent

ANSELLcondom says:

OMG the dog has his penis out at 8:42 *o*

AlbaFlavius says:


Tolerance Mpofu says:

anyone the round about 18:20-18:34

MissLeopard28 says:

LOL @ 7:01

titcheypoo1 says:

Megan and Sean are hilarious! I actually watched the whole thing!
Absolutely golden! COME BACK!! Also, me thinks there should be a sequel tv
show… “JUST JACK!” It would be FABULOUS! <3 

Mariam Diab says:

Love this show.. 

xLexiRayx says:

best show. =)

chris lawrence says:

show was great until it went too gay.

MovieHound17 says:

Im probably the only straight guy that really liked this show….its
fucking hilarious all around!!! Great writing

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