Worlds Dumbest Thief Calls Back Victim – Ownage Pranks

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I called someone who was recently robbed by a black guy as the person who robbed him. The call is absolutely crazy, and his reactions are priceless. Subscribe to catch my future vids!

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Ownage Pranks says:

Just so you all know, he was totally cool about it afterwards, especially
when I followed up and sent him money via PayPal for his time. I assure
you, he’s not ‘hurting’ about this prank in any way, he thinks it’s
hilarious now that he’s had a chance to cool down and had a chance to hear
it back 🙂 Don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button if you’re new, and
check out my buddy +Matthew Santoro’s video and subscribe!! 

shair00 says:

This prank was done perfectly, As the prank went along, Tyrone would bring
up different items that were stolen thus making it more and more fresh in
the victims minds. This prank was Epic and you can honestly say they have
to come up with a word for Pro Prankster, and Russel will be the first in

Ownage Pranks says:

Been very excited to share this extra special prank with you, the reactions
are amazing! Smash that Like button if you enjoy the video, and share it
with a friend 😀 Check out +Matthew Santoro and Subscribe to him!! He’s an
honorary member of the #OPCREW 

Y U NO.? says:

Plot twist What if the guy who sent the prank request is the actual thief 

Dylan Drifter says:

Someone stole my phone, an legitamately called me and asked for my apple

drybrawler says:

the real question is who would want a mac back?

TisfatDude0703 says:

Wait, so the robber had a Mac, TV, and an Xbox and the guy COULDN’T catch

I think it’s fair enough to make this assumption…
He’s slow as fuck.

Edward Garcia says:

Probs to the dude for not dropping a single N bomb.

DatNiqqa says:

So the six year old bought the XBOX? LMAO

Annoying Balloon Boy says:

Oh no I robbed a house! I’ll just get the owner laid, that’ll work!

NomNomerz says:

“You can’t afford a beer! You can barely afford an Xbox..”
Is that him implying that a beer costs more than an Xbox or Computer? Kk..

Dat Kid says:

And thats y ps is better than xbox -ps doesnt get robbed.

Waiting for that hate.


Runetopia101 says:

How do you not catch a guy carrying an xbox, a wallet, and a macbook?

B-Rai87 says:

Whiteboys talk so tough but when it’s action time these dude turn into hoes

dshreha dfshhtsg says:

Surprised you sent him money, I would have Gutted him like a fish, he was a
terrible person. I don’t care how frustrated or angry you are. you dont
just threaten someone who had nothing to do with it, aswell as threaten to
go steal all of “tyrones” “sons” purchased items, even if its yours aswell
as insulting him as he had nothing to do with it. sounded like he was 16 or
so, little white kid who thinks because a big black guy who robbed him ran
from him hes the shit. but really that robber would have probably fucked
him up and sent him to the hospital if he actually caught him, hes
obviously not even in shape enough to catch him while he has a big bag of
his stuff weighing him down.

noelsingletary says:

If you can’t catch someone running from your house with an X-Box, TV,
wallet and laptop you don’t need them anyway because your ass spends
wayyyyy too much time on them. You need to get outside and exercise more.
The thief might have done him a favor, then again maybe not because he
might still be sittin’ his ass down playin’ the damn computer games again.

octopedred man says:

7:15 ish. The guy tells him his kid is playing the xbox. But he already
told the kid he sold it for money for beer! hah:P

OfficialHoneZtAbe says:

Fuckin hilarious. The way you say dawg sounds like you watch a lot of
southpark lol THEY TOOK R JERBS!

SpreadEx 21 says:

this guy is a retard… making fun of downsyndrome My fucking brother has
that you fat ugly pathetic piece of shit

SomaliGapteeni says:

Daymn the guy had a mac, tv, xbox and a wallet in his hands but this fat
fuck couldn’t catch him! The fatty deserved to get that shit taken away
from him! 

isaiah julian says:

Tyrone from GTA?o_O

Daniel Redman says:


Arpit Das says:

This guy is so funny watch more of his videos!

Randel X says:

C– (minus minus) LOOOOOL good luck getting out the hood.

Hao Kwok says:

You couldn’t catch a guy running down the street with a macbook, tv, and an

Kim Bong Un says:

is that a coincidence that he used tyrone for this prank? 

Fox of Disapproval says:

So you *actually* broke into the guy’s house and stole his Xbox and

Glo Girl says:

If you can’t catch someone running with your xbox then you’re in serious
fucking trouble. 

Sean Carney says:


Thomas Nilsson says:

He sounds like one tough 130 pounds gamer

toiletroom says:

“I’m trying to learn C–“

ricky right says:

I want you to prank someone for me plz I’ll subcribe and all or send u my
contact info just get back to me so I can give u what u need to know about
the call

oneofthepeoplehere says:

What are you writing? “iight”? Bruh. It’s a contraction of “all right”.
If you want to write it conventionally it’s “aight”; if you want to write
it formally, it’s “a’ight”. In contractions an apostrophe is used in to
demonstrate that letters have been left off before or after it, or in this
case: both. Example of first letters removed: Them = ’em as in “Get
’em!”. Example of last letters removed: Going = goin’ as in “Goin’ to the
store”. Example of first AND last letter removed: And = ‘n’ as in “I am
going to get some fish ‘n’ chips.”. Example of middle letter removed:
Could not = couldn’t. Example of end letters as well as first letters
removed: All right = a’ight. Might even be “a”ight”, definitely is not

Dani Garcia says:

Still waiting for a whiteboy prank where they make them look stupid and
suicidal because all i see is videos of him making other ethnicities look
dumb and saying racist shit like damn!! Are you racist russell? 

Jes Lastname says:

So apparently 1 guy stole an xbox a tv and a gay ass macbook and some how
put all this shit in a garbage bag and sill out run the dude? i call bull
shit!! I thought this shit wasn’t scripted?

aze606 says:

Do watchu gotta do lmao

Joseph J says:

I gotta say, I think the guy you pranked is a freaking sod, and he didn’t
particularly deserve the money you sent him via PayPal.
Seriously, I don’t care if he was in a rage, and the fact he got robbed, it
doesn’t give him an excuse to insult disabled people or whatever.

Taran Dhesi says:

6:29 +. zara ma nigga 

Aesthetics United says:

I LOST IT at “thanks man”

James Burns says:

deserved to be robbed, what a douche

Faith Mahon says:

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Jacob Surles says:

“Ok dawg the logical deicision was to call the preivious owner” I died

Rus Royce says:

How did the dude get away with an xbox and a laptop??

Vexym says:

i cried at C–

SalmaN SaM says:

He could just follow the IP of his mac and get it 😉 but for that he gotta
go to POlice 

OTKP says:

This one is a Classic! hahaha

Y2kplaya92 says:

How does he outrun anyone with all that stuff in his hands?

f3l0ny33 says:

Too bad Ownage couldnt have drove by wearing his black mask on LOL

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