Worlds Dumbest Thief Calls Back Victim – Ownage Pranks

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Dimitri Sanchez says:

Matthew Santoro is just an unoriginal view whore. 

Aoi Magi says:

A guy ran away on foot carrying a macbook+xbox+wallet+tv? is he some kind
of cyborg? How the heck do you carry all this and still manage to get away
on foot?

I am glad we still have our old CRT TV in the basement. No mere human can
pick that up and run away on foot.

Blaisx says:

It’s kinda fucked up you used the black voice Tyrone as the thief. 

spiffehs says:


1317enzo says:

C–, what’s that? anti-code?

Locomoco says:

This guy must be really slow to not catch a guy caring a xbox and a MacBook

Andrew James says:

Fucking Mexicans man

Ownage Pranks says:

Just so you all know, he was totally cool about it afterwards, especially
when I followed up and sent him money via PayPal for his time. I assure
you, he’s not ‘hurting’ about this prank in any way, he thinks it’s
hilarious now that he’s had a chance to cool down and had a chance to hear
it back 🙂 Don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button if you’re new, and
check out my buddy +Matthew Santoro’s video and subscribe!! 

ShadowXg0z says:

lol I just stole 2 macbooks and I find this funnyyy yay!

Big D Slap says:

Black people are just the worst

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